Advanced Image Recognition and Retail Execution Analytics for CPG

Instantly improve critical shelf metrics and prevent out of stock situations at a per store level. Boost per-store sales, optimize trade spends and empower your field force with accurate and real-time retail execution insights.

InfiViz Capabilities

Rich, in-depth and most accurate retail execution
powered by Image Recognition AI
Actionable in-store execution insights in real time

Actionable in-store execution insights in real time

  • Improve on-shelf metrics such as Share of Shelf and On-Shelf Availability with realtime and actionable store insights available on a single dashboard
  • Identify and flag stores with low Share of Shelf and prevent out of stock situations in realtime
On the spot optimization plans

On the spot optimization plans

  • Instant recommendations delivered to your field force within 2 mins SLA to improve in-store brand visibility
  • Insights to salesmen to sell key SKUs at the right stores in the right quantity based on historical sales & demand data

Competitive intelligence

  • Competitive comparison of your execution metrics vs your competitors. Monitor display, promotional compliance and pricing metrics of all SKUs
  • Stay informed on new product launches, promotions & offers with real-time insights into competitor's adjacencies
Compliance monitoring

Compliance Monitoring

  • Ensure store-level promotional compliance to determine appropriate store payouts
  • Audit executed planograms, stock availability, display, facings, and brand & SKU level share of shelf

Proven Impact

data accuracy in both
Modern & General
10X speed
of data availability
field force time saved at
each store
increase in stores tracked

Empowering All Levels Of Your Enterprise Retail

Instant availability of In-store execution insights on a single dashboard along with automated reports sent directly to your team’s inbox
Sales Director
Image Recognition For Sales Director

Lift per-store sales with accurate and actionable insights to prevent stockout scenarios and boost execution performance.

Execution metrics and recommendations are provided to your field force within 2 minutes to fix execution errors on the spot.

Trade Marketing Leader
Competitive Intelligence For Trade Marketing Leader

Millions can be saved on retailer payouts by identifying non-compliance in real-time.

Get rich competitor insights to plan new product launches, discounts, sales & offers at a per-store level.

Category Lead
Assortment Planning For Category Lead

Ensure the right assortment mix sits on the right shelf, at the right store.

Optimize store fulfilment based on per-store sales & demand data. Ensure high availability of key SKUs per category on the shelf.

Field Force
Store Audit App For Field Force

Cut down on store audit time with a super easy mobile app for in-store image capture.

Cover more stores, fix issues instantly and build a meaningful relationship with the retailers.

Visual Intelligence Leader For Physical Retail

Trusted by top CPG brands across the globe

Improvement Seen Within 4-6 weeks!

20% week on week improvement on execution metrics
100% store compliance achieved
2% to 5% lift in per-store sales
30X ROI on our solution
Most Advanced Visual Intelligence Platform
Why Infilect?

Patented superior technology

AI Powered Retail Analytics
Continuous learning system with state-of-the-art AI engine
Superior retail analytics and AI-powered recommendations
Lightning fast AI setup within 2 weeks, no new learning curve
Processes over 25 million in-store images per month
Proprietary historical data sets for industry-leading accuracy in SKU & object detection

Rich, In-Depth Retail Execution Insights

In-Depth Retail Execution Insights
Data accuracy of > 97% in both Modern and General trade
Retail insights and per-store level action plans sent to the field force within 2 minutes of image capture
Multi object tracking such as in-store products, promotion displays, and SKU pricing
Dynamic shelf tracking and rapid identification of new SKUs

30X ROI on our solution

In-Store Retail Execution to Boost Sales
Significant week on week improvement in store sales
100% adherence to in-store compliance, optimized store and merchandizer payouts
Cover 10X more stores with same set of field force

Get real-time execution insights and store-level analytics for all levels of enterprise retail


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The Rise of Image Recognition backed Syndicated Retail Audits in the USA

With a comprehensive range of features, ‘InfiViz Edge offers great convenience, from in-store photo capture to retail execution analytics and real-time action plans delivered to on-ground field reps.

Not All Heros Wear Capes, Some Click Pictures.

Data is central to a progressive business function. But in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, assimilating accurate data is double the trouble given the vast expanse of geographies, stores, customer demographics, and compromised transparency of what goes on inside the retail stores.

Industries We Serve

Consumer Packaged Goods

Optimize in-store execution to improve on-shelf SKU visibility, avoid out of stock situations and improve store compliance across hundreds of product categories ranging from hair care, personal care, skincare, hygiene, baby care and more.

Packaged Food & Beverages

Identify densely populated assortments displayed on store shelves across thousands of stores. Get accurate and instant shelf intelligence, store execution analytics along with proactive sales recommendations.

Consumer Electronics

Our image recognition solutions enable you to monitor every item displayed on every shelf in an electronics store. With us, brands can determine their in-store brand presence, track shopper's journey, monitor various interactions.

Large Format Retail

AI-video analytics enables store managers to identify and prevent store shrinkages and inventory thefts, as soon as they happen. By integrating live surveillance footage with intelligence, also enables one to identify opportunities.

Pet Care

Improve on-shelf metrics such as On-Shelf Availability and Share of Shelf instantly with rich in-store retail insights. Track promotional and pricing compliance across a variety of pet products, including treats & nutritional supplements.

Pharmaceuticals OTC

Ensure maximum visibility for your brand for over-the-counter general medicines and health products. Track product display and promotional compliance across thousands of Pharmacy stores and small general trade stores.