Category & Brand Management

Lift per-category sales by measuring & improving SOS, planogram compliance, and product assortment

What is Category Management?

Category management is a retail strategy that involves analyzing, organizing, and optimizing a retailer's product categories to maximize sales and profitability. It involves a deep understanding of consumer behavior, market trends, and category performance. The goal of category management is to create a tailored and seamless shopping experience for customers by grouping products in a logical and meaningful way while ensuring that each category is efficiently managed to meet consumer demand and generate the best returns for the retailer.

The Key Steps in Category Management

Category analysis
Understanding consumer behavior, market trends, and the performance of each category within the store.
Dividing the product categories into smaller, more manageable segments based on consumer needs, market trends, and sales data.
Assortment Planning
Selecting and organizing the products within each category to ensure that the right products are available in the right quantities and at the right time.
Space Allocation
Determining how much shelf space each category should receive based on its sales potential and consumer demand.
Pricing and Promotion
Developing pricing strategies and promotional plans to drive sales and increase profits within each category.
Regularly monitoring and assessing the performance of each category, making adjustments as needed to optimize sales and profitability.
Benefits At Scale
Measure the health of your categories with per brand Share of Shelf (SOS)
Track your competitions’ per brand for facings SOS, linear SOS, area SOS, price SOS
Rank banners, regions, and stores based on the opportunities found on the category shelves
Track per category planogram adherence to understand per banner, per region, and per store compliance
Realtime Analytics to Realtime Actions
Provide alerts & actions to category captains of retailers to improve category & brand SOS
Provide alerts to the banner-account manager to improve sales & order managemen
Convert real-o-grams into planograms and do instant planogram compliance checks
Recommend actions to your brokers to improve planogram and assortment compliance
Unlock revenue growth opportunities for your brand today

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