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Lift category-wise sales by accurately measuring and improving in-store shelf metrics. Streamline the touchpoints of category management to identify trends and catalyze growth.

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What is Category Management?

Category management is a retail strategy that involves analyzing, organizing, and optimizing a retailer's product categories to maximize sales and profitability. It involves a deep understanding of consumer behavior, market trends, and category performance. The goal of category management is to create a tailored and seamless shopping experience for customers by grouping products in a logical and meaningful way while ensuring that each category is efficiently managed to meet consumer demand and generate the best returns for the retailer.

Allocate resources to the epicenter of CPG trends

Get an expansive array of functionalities to monitor category performance, comprehend scattered data from stores, and get corrective actions with Infilect’s flagship solution.

Data Analytics

Measure the health of your categories with brand-wise Share-of-Shelf (SOS)

Rank banners, regions, and stores based on the per-category opportunities on the shelves.

Quickly identify and address any issues, such as out-of-stock items or incorrect product placement, that could impact sales.

Performance tracking

Track your competition’s facings Share-of-Shelf, linear SOS, and area SOS.

Track per category planogram adherence to understand banner-wise, region-wise, and store-wise compliance

Monitor product placement, category-stock levels, and their in-store promotions, all in real-time.

Instantaneous fixes

Provide routine alerts & instantaneous corrective actions to category managers to fix the shelf KPIs.

Recommend actions to your brokers to improve planogram and assortment compliance.

Provide alerts to the account managers about displays and promotions to improve sales & order management.

Master Category Resets

With each category layout change in the stores, assist your category management teams in procuring critical store KPIs, gather competition’s shelf performance data, and get insights into their On Shelf Availability and pricing strategy.

Strategic Partnerships for Seamless Retail Execution:

Over the years, Infilect has built a strong network of partners. This offers the retail landscape a bilayer of solutions:

  • Provide tangible proof of work for agencies
  • Enable CPG brands to measure, monitor, and optimize category placements.

CPG companies can tap into a valuable network of frontline resources to ensure compliance and enhance brand presence.

Enhancing Retail Performance Through Data-Driven Collaboration:

Effectively address the tectonic shifts in the retail landscape by collaborating with advanced tools and user-friendly dashboards that help you gauge category performance.

Analyze real-time comparative evaluation of planogram compliance versus actual shelf placement of the category (planogram vs. real-o-gram)

Gain valuable insights into category-wise product positioning and performance and optimize shelf space utilization for amplified impact.

Elevating Retail Standards Through Automation and Collaboration:

Measure compliance and share valuable insights with CPG brands, streamlining the data gathering and retail execution process.

Effectively track planogram adherence and validate field force activities ensuring consistent brand representation across stores.

Drive operational efficiency and eliminate back and forth in communication between agencies, retailers, and CPG brands by having a single point of contact.

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