Case Studies

Infilect has helped 30+ global FMCG and retail brands in improving per-store sales, OSA metrics, planogram compliance, and in driving efficiency & effectiveness in-store retail execution. Read the case studies about the use of Image Recognition and AI in achieving store profitability at scale.

Store Shelf Safari With Infilect's Real-Time Retail Analytics

Elevate your CPG retail strategy with Infilect's cutting-edge Image Recognition technology. Explore real-time retail execution analytics, track Planogram changes, and optimize the Share-of-Shelf for your brand.

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How Infilect's Image Recognition Solution Helped One of The Leading Alcohol-Beverage Brands in The US Improve Their On-Shelf Product Availability.

Discover how a global alcohol beverage brand turned data into success, and achieved outstanding on-shelf product availability in 10,000 US stores.

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A Global F&B Brand's Experience with Infilect for Improving On-Shelf Assortment.

Witness the global impact of Infilect's Image Recognition solution as a leading food and beverage brand revolutionizes assortment planning and achieves outstanding planogram compliance.

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Image Recognition Solution for top convenience store chain in Indonesia

Enhancing On-Shelf Product Availability and Execution Performance: A Success Story of a Leading Convenience Store Chain in Indonesia Leveraging Infilect's Image Recognition Solution.

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Image Recognition Solution for one of the Top Packaged food brands in the USA

How the USA’s top packaged food brand significantly improved its pricing and promotion compliance by using Infilect’s Image Recognition platform

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Image Recognition For Beverage Industry

How Infilect’s Image Recognition AI is Helping The World’s Leading Beverage Brands Boost Their In-Store Sales.

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