Store Space Management For CPG Brands

Better manage your store space to increase ‘chance discoveries’ and product sales with advanced image recognition powered by artificial intelligence.

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What is Store Space Management?

The planning, classifying, and improvising of the physical space within a retail store to extricate the available real estate’s full potential and facilitate orchestrated discoveries of SKUs, offers and promotions to customers. The end goal is to maximize sales and profitability by ensuring that the right products are in the right place at the right time.

Keep an AI on Store Space: Track The Nook & Corners

Efficient store space management is critical for maximizing sales, enhancing customer experience, and optimizing operational efficiency. Image recognition technology offers a robust solution to CPG manufacturers for real-time tracking and measurement of various aspects of store space management.

Shelf Space Utilization:
  • Effective shelf space utilization is key to maximize per square foot sales, optimize product assortment, and eliminate currency leakage on real estate.
  • Image recognition algorithms can analyze shelf images to assess the percent usage of shelf and store spaces, identify underutilized areas, and recommend layout adjustments for better product discoveries and purchases.
  • By optimizing shelf space utilization, retailers can enhance visibility for key products, reduce congestion, and improve overall store aesthetics.
Planogram Compliance Monitoring:
  • CPG manufacturers strive to keep up with the changing planogram standards and compliance becomes cumbersome which in many cases may result in slow sales.
  • Image recognition enables real-time monitoring of planogram compliance by comparing the actual shelf layout with the prescribed planogram.
  • Any deviations, such as out-of-stock items, misplaced products, or incorrect facing, can be promptly identified and rectified via the instantaneous corrective actions prompted on the screens.
Promotional Display Effectiveness:
  • Impulse purchases of CPG goods are pre-orchestrated to an extent and are a part of strategy building. Promotional displays are business critical in driving a large portion of such “impulsive purchases”.
  • Image recognition technology can evaluate the effectiveness of promotional displays by understanding the store floor space, shelf space, SKU placement & assortment, shelf pricing, discounts, and then making recommendations based on real ground-level data.
  • By analyzing sales vs. spend and shopper engagement, retailers can assess the impact of various promotional strategies, refine display designs, and allocate promotional budgets more effectively.
Competitive Intelligence:
  • Monitoring competitor activities and product placements is integral to any business because of the valuable insights it provides for strategic decision-making and competitive positioning.
  • Image recognition technology can analyze in-store images to identify competitor products, assess their positioning relative to own-brand offerings, and track changes in competitive landscape over time.
  • This intelligence enables manufacturers and retailers to adapt pricing strategies, adjust product assortments, and capitalize on emerging market trends to maintain a competitive edge.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition In The CPG Sales Curve

Leverage real-time insights derived from image analysis to increase footfall and drive sales growth.
Benefits At Scale

Track planogram adherence to understand per banner, per region, per category compliance.

Track display adherence to understand floor space utilization with respect to competition.

Generate store-specific 
real-o-grams to understand and fix shelf space usage.

Set your target SOS and track market SOS for stores where the planogram is not available

Realtime Analytics to Realtime Actions

Provide alerts & actions to retailer-specific account managers to improve space compliance.

Get recommendations on the stores where you can improve your display presence & positioning.

Get insights into the space utilization by your competition to formulate your strategies.

Get recommendations on trade payouts based on planogram and assortment adherence

Unlock new opportunities for growth and success with Infilect

How InfiViz Impacted Global CPG Brands' Retail Execution


Digitized, click-and-go audits save up to 60% of the merchandisers’ time.

Real-time data and insights are made available in 60 seconds for better, informed decision-making.

Daily evaluation of out-of-stock shelf spaces.

Realtime insights on brand & SKU level competitive intelligence.


100% adherence to in-store visibility

25% lift for in-store visibility

2%-5% lift in per-store sales

40% improvement in penetration of brands per store

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