Large Format Retail

  • Accurate insights on SKU availability or non availability on shelf
  • Gap scan analysis on fast-selling vs slow-moving SKUs 
  • Realtime AI-powered surveillance for loss prevention 
  • Instantly identify missed product scans and thefts at Self-Checkout-Counters
  • In-store shopper analytics such as dwell time, interactions and more

 Image Recognition AI for Rich In-Store Retail Analytics And Loss Prevention 


Real-time execution insights

  • Get on-shelf metrics such as On-Shelf-Availability, Share of Shelf at brand & SKU-level
  • >97% accuracy in identification of SKUs vs non-SkUs

Monitoring of product thefts and self-checkout counters

  • Continuously monitor self-checkout counters for product scan success, thefts and tampering
  • Store-level action plans and recommendations that enable your field force to fix shopper journeys

Rapid retail shelf gap scan

  • Instant alerts to store staff on stock levels as soon any item goes out of stock on the shelf
  • Monitor in-store promotional activities, effectiveness of brand messaging and shopper behaviour

Targeted distribution

  • Optimize SKU mix and quantity of  assortments to be distributed to the right stores
  • Per-store precision sales action plans and competitor analysis to improve SKU penetration based on demand data

Compliance audits

  • Monitor store-level promotional compliance to determine appropriate store payouts
  • Track merchandiser activity and empower them to achieve 100% compliance in every store visit

Proven Impact

sales growth
ROI on our
Day 1
operational efficiency

What are you looking for?


I want to improve my per-store sales performance

  • Identify product out of stocks & overstocks in real time
  • Get real time alerts to replenish fast-selling products in realtime
  • Manage entire communication and performance of store staff in one place 

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I want to prevent product missed scans and thefts 

  • Instantly identify product tamperings, thefts and accidental bagging at the retail shelves and checkout counters
  • Identify and log in real time all product scan activity at every checkout counter
  • Have real time alerts and notifications sent to store staff to mitigate any events in a friendly manner

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I want to better manage and assist my in-store shoppers 

  • Identify product missed scans or missed scans, product tampering or products thefts at the Self-Checkout counters, retail shelves etc. 
  • Send system generated alerts to store staff on any thefts to help them intervene tactfully and assist shoppers
  • Better track shopper interactions and manage in-store journey efficiently
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I want to understand what my in-store shoppers want

  • Consolidated in-store shopper analytics and consumer insights 
  • Effectively design your shopping experience & identify hot & cold spots across the shopfloor 
  • Record and analyze shopper demographics and sentiments to any in-store activity like promotions, engagements and more

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Recommended Product


InfiViz: Powerful Image Recognition AI for Retail Execution

Comprehensive Visual Intelligence Platform for Real-time In-store Execution Insights

  • Automated store audits through in-store image capture
  • >95% accurate shelf metrics and stock levels available in real time
  • Frequently monitor in-store merchandising compliance
  • Competitor intelligence, previously unavailable with manual audits


Image Recognition and AI-based Surveillance for In-store Loss Prevention

  • Realtime processing of in-store video feeds
  • >95% object detection and identification of SKUs from non SKUs



Image Recognition for Perfect In-store Execution


Learn about how Image Recognition can empower retail sales leaders with visual analytics to improve in-store brand visibility, & optimize in-store retail execution


Out of stock in CPG: How the pandemic shifted in-store shelves

out-of-stock-in-CPG: how-the-pandemic-shifted-in-store-shelves

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AI-Powered Image Recognition: Infilect is Leading the Next Big Revolution in Physical Retail

AI-powered-image-recognition: Infilect-is-leading-the-next-big-revolution-in-physical-retail

Retail leaders today desire to have complete control of what happens to all their products and promotions when they hit the retail shelves across thousands of outlets.


Why Global FMCG Brands love Infilect

How Infilect’s real-time visual retail analytics is driving profitable retail execution for CPG Brands

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Your Complete Guide to Image Recognition for In-Store Retail Execution

An 'all you need to know' guide on how in-store automation and image recognition can optimize your retail execution and help boost same-store sales!

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Modern Trade Case Study

Retail visual Intelligence for CPG

A global personal care brand switched to Infilect’s Image Recognition to boost their per-store sales by 4%!


General Trade Case Study

Retail visual Intelligence for CPG

How a top food brand saved over USD 150k in its store payouts

InfiViz In Action

InfiViz - Retail Execution Insights within 60 secs

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What our customers say

"With Infilect's Image recognition-based Retail Execution audits, our sales directors and management team get a front-row seat to visually see and control exactly how our products are shelved in every key outlet.

This transformation of our retail execution process using deep technology has had a tremendous impact on our sales and marketing strategies and has resulted in a significant lift in sales."

Channel Development Manager,
Leading Packaged food brand in India
"We partnered with Infilect and commissioned them to provide a new to the world solution leveraging their advanced image recognition technology.

Their can-do attitude and deep technical expertise helped to create a proof of concept in just a month, followed by a great product that is now being implemented across regions”

Senior Manager, APAC Analytics & Insights
Top multinational FMCG Brand
"Retail Visual Intelligence is a powerful technology to get more data, faster and better, thus sharpening our understand of our company's In-Market Execution.

Simple to use and fast to deploy, InfiViz will help us drive strong growth at scale in multiple markets."

Sales IT Business Partner, APAC global
Leading personal care brand

Other Industries

Industries we serve


Consumer Packaged Goods

Optimize  in-store execution to improve On-shelf SKU visibility, plug out of stocks and store compliance across hundreds of product categories ranging from haircare, personal care, skincare, hygiene products, babycare and more

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Packaged Food & Beverages

Identify densely populated assortments displayed on store shelves across thousands of stores. Get accurate and instant shelf intelligence, store execution analytics along with proactive sales recommendations.

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Consumer Electronics

Our image recognition solutions enable you to monitor every item displayed on every shelf in every electronics store. With Infilect, brands can determine their in-store brand presence, track shopper journeys, and monitor various interactions.

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Improve on-shelf metrics such as on-shelf-availability and Share of Shelf instantly with rich in-store retail insights. Track promotional and pricing compliances across a variety of pet products including treats & nutritional supplements.

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Pharmaceuticals OTC

Ensure maximum visibility for your band for over-the-counter general medicines and health products. Track storage display and promotional compliance across thousands of modern pharma outlets and small general trade stores.

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Why Visual Intelligence?

Why Visual Intelligence?

retail-visual-intelligence-for large-format-retailers

How do I collect on-shelf metrics, monitor in Self-Checkout activities and prevent product thefts?

Lack of advanced, reliable and integrated technology platform to gain real-time visibility into store operations causes retailers in lost sales. 

Manual audits through leading market research firms only provide coarse-grained information, once a month or a quarter, from a sampled set of stores.