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We are a proud and inspired bunch of technologists, data scientists, engineers and domain experts building
cutting-edge visual intelligence platforms for worldwide retail.


Leadership Team

Co-Founder & CEO

    Ex. Bell Labs, ,Ex-IBM Research,
    India, PhD, Stony Brook
    University, USA.

    Leads Sales & Marketing,
    Customer Success

    Co-Founder & CPTO

      Ex-IBM Research, India
      PhD, IIT Bombay,

      Leads Investments, Partnerships, Product engineering

      Wrapped in all the goodness

      Infilect is building the next-generation Image Recognition platform for worldwide retail. As a Deep tech organisation, we believe in building a revolutionary visual intelligence solution that has the capability of transforming the retail economy and touching every consumer’s lives.

      We are a team of talented data scientists, AI-research professionals, engineers, and technologists, backed by the greatest investors from Mela Ventures and 1 Crowd. We are currently based out of Bengaluru, India with an implementation scale across the world.

      Infilect is a special company that's in possession of both technological prowess, retail domain experts and a product market fit for growth, but is still early enough that each new employee has a measurable influence on the direction of the company.

      Value pillars

      Impossible to possible

      • At the core lies an itch - to delve into problems that have never been solved before in full capacity. We like doing hard things, and we do it with style!

      Be awesome, at everything

      • As a team, we collectively understand the emotional value of “awesome”. We want to be an awesome company that builds awesome products that deliver awesome experiences that bring unparalleled emotional value in our customers.

      Walk the talk

      • Be the change you want to see’, we fully believe in MKG’s vibe when he dropped the truth bomb on the world. At Infilect, we lead by example. Show and tell is how we like it!

      Freedom and Flexibility

      • Freedom of expression and respect for scientific and logical thinking. We strictly adhere to the code of letting ‘best ideas win’.

      Deep bond and Camaraderie

      • Distributed team across the world from all walks of life brimming with passion, talent and hunger.

      Honest and empathy-driven approach

      • We have an open culture where people support each other in each other’s highs and lows.


      Flexible leave policy

        Paid time offs and Parental leaves

        Health and mental wellness support

          Mental health support, Bi-monthly wellness events and CoVid insurance

          Financial well being

            Employee equity and financial coaching

            Learning and Development

              Training & learning programs,Mentor & buddy programs and Leadership coaching