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Revenue management in the retail industry refers to the practice of maximizing profitability by optimizing the pricing and availability of products and services. It is governed by three critical factors - Pricing, promotions, and market insights. But sourcing the three in an unadulterated form is a challenge for CPG brands owing to the involvement of a myriad of external factors.

The CPG Revenue Management Cycle

Revenue management for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands involves strategic pricing, promotion, product assortment decisions to optimize revenue and profitability followed up with compliance checks, performance assessment and optimization.

Drive Revenue Growth with Actionable Insights

The InfiViz dashboard provides comprehensive, easily digestible analytics and actionable insights derived from real-time data collected from stores across the globe. By leveraging an extensive repository of data and training the algorithm on both catalog and real-time images, InfiViz offers granular visibility into pricing compliance, promotional effectiveness, and competitive landscape.

Key Features

Pricing Compliance Analysis

Gain insights into region-wise, outlet-wise, and SKU-wise pricing compliance to identify pricing discrepancies, non-compliance, and opportunities.

Pricing Compliance
Region-wise Pricing Compliance
Cram Cheese
Mac & Cheese
Promotion Effectiveness Evaluation

Assess the impact of promotions on sales and pricing compliance to refine promotional strategies and maximize ROI. By understanding how promotions impact sales and pricing compliance across different regions and outlets, CPG brands can refine their promotional strategies to drive higher revenue.

Performance Monitoring

Rank store outlets and gauge the performance of the least performing outlets and SKUs in the ‘Bottom 20’ section of the Revenue Management dashboard.

Bottom 20 Outlets
Bottom 20 SKUs
Cram Cheese
Mac & Cheese
Benefits At Scale

Measure and fix pricing & promotion compliance, per SKU.

Track new pricing & promotion regime of newly launched SKUs from day one.

Track pricing competition for every SKU with respect to competition SKUs.

Track your SKUs and brands for price SOS, store penetration, and store availability.

Realtime Analytics to Realtime Actions

Get a performance rank for banners, stores and even regions to prioritise lagging areas and improve revenue.

Get instantaneous recommendations on pricing and promotion optimization strategies

Get corrective actions/recommendations for SKU pricing by tracking competition-SKU tracking

Get correlation and causation reports of the effect of changes in SOS & OSA on per-store sales

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Image Recognition Solution for one of the Top Packaged food brands in the USA

How the USA’s top packaged food brand significantly improved its pricing and promotion compliance by using Infilect’s Image Recognition platform

Transform Your Revenue Strategy by Partnering with Infilect

Don't let valuable insights slip through the cracks. With InfiViz’s Revenue Management analytics, you have the tools you need to optimize pricing, promotions, inventory, and marketing strategies, driving sustainable revenue growth and market success.

Extra Perks Offered By InfiViz

Competitive Insights

Identify competitor products on shelves and monitor competitor pricing strategies and market positioning. With the real-time accurate insights make informed decisions to remain competitive and maximize revenue.

Demand Forecasting

Analyze pricing compliance and sales data, and improve demand forecasting accuracy. Optimize production schedules, inventory levels, and distribution strategies to meet customer demand efficiently, ultimately leading to increased revenue.

Channel Optimization

Get better understanding of pricing compliance and sales performance across different outlets and regions to optimize distribution channels. With visibility into the least performing outlets, CPG brands can allocate resources effectively, prioritize high-performing channels, improvise on the low performing ones and identify opportunities to expand into new markets to maximize revenue potential.

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