Revenue Management

Meet sales targets by measuring and improving pricing and promotion execution in the stores

What is Revenue Management?

Revenue management in the retail industry refers to the practice of maximizing profitability by optimizing the pricing and availability of products and services. This involves analyzing data on customer behavior, demand, and market trends, and using that information to make informed decisions about pricing and inventory management. The goal of revenue management in retail is to balance the trade-off between maximizing revenue and maximizing sales volume. This involves setting prices that are attractive to customers while still generating a sufficient profit margin. It also involves optimizing inventory levels to ensure that products are available when customers want to purchase them, without overstocking and tying up valuable resources.

Key components of successful revenue management

Pricing Strategy
Inventory Management
Demand Forecasting
Data Analysis
Benefits At Scale
Measure and fix pricing & promotion compliance per-SKU
Track new pricing & promotion regime of newly launched SKUs from day 1
Track pricing competition for every SKU with respect to competition SKUs
Track your SKUs and brands for price SOS, store penetration, and store availability
Realtime Analytics to Realtime Actions
Get a ranking on banners, regions, and stores from where you can improve your revenue
Get recommendations on pricing and promotion optimization strategies
Get recommendations on SKU pricing by tracking competition-SKU tracking
Get correlation and causation reports of the effect of changes in SOS & OSA on per-store sales
Unlock revenue growth opportunities for your brand today

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