Planogram Management

Improve Your Sales By Tracking Planogram Compliance and Improving Product Assortments

What is Planogram Management?

A planogram is a visual representation of the placement of products on shelves or displays in a retail store. Planogram management involves the creation, implementation, and maintenance of planograms in order to optimize product placement and drive sales. The goal of planogram management is to create an effective and appealing layout that encourages customers to purchase products, while also maximizing the use of available space and ensuring that products are displayed in a way that meets regulatory requirements. Planogram management is a crucial part of retail store management, as the right product placement can have a significant impact on customer behavior and the overall success of the store.

Why is it important?

When stores and brands are not planogram compliant, it means that they are not adhering to the agreed-upon layout and product placement as specified in the planogram. This can have several consequences, including but not limited to:

Decreased sales
A non-compliant planogram may not effectively display products in a way that encourages customers to purchase them, leading to decreased sales.
Inefficient use of space
If products are not placed according to the planogram, it can result in inefficient use of space, which can impact the overall appearance and functionality of the store.
Brand damage
Brands may view non-compliance as a sign of disrespect for their products and the efforts they have put into creating effective planograms. This can damage the relationship between the brand and the retailer.
Compliance penalties
Retailers may face penalties or fines from the brands for not adhering to the planogram, which can be costly and impact their profitability.
Missed opportunities
Non-compliance can result in missed opportunities for sales and promotions, as products may not be displayed in the most effective way to drive sales.
Benefits At Scale
Track per category planogram adherence to understand per banner, per region, per store compliance
Rank banners, regions, and stores based on the opportunities found on the category shelves
Generate store-specific real-o-grams to understand and fix shelf space usage
Set your target SOS and track market SOS for stores where a planogram is not available
Realtime Analytics to Realtime Actions
Get recommendations on trade payouts based on planogram and assortment adherence
Convert real-o-grams into planograms and do instant planogram compliance checks
Recommend actions to your brokers to improve planogram and assortment compliance
Get insights into the space utilization by your competition to formulate your strategies
Unlock revenue growth opportunities for your brand today

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