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Unlock the power of visual intelligence for retail merchandising management and save on man-hours and latent costs.

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What is Merchandising Management?

Merchandising management refers to overseeing and organizing a retailer's product line to ensure it meets the needs and desires of its target customers. This involves a spectrum of activities such as product selection, pricing, promotion, display, and inventory management. The goal of merchandising management is to increase sales and profitability by offering a desirable mix of products to customers and effectively promoting and presenting those products in-store and online. This requires careful analysis of consumer trends and purchasing behavior, as well as an understanding of the retailer's target market and competition. Effective merchandising management requires a strong collaboration between the merchandising team and other departments such as marketing, supply chain, and store operations.

An Eye for an AI

Keep an eye on stores across the globe and help your merchandisers make smarter, quicker decisions.
Map Field Force Performance

Measure, track and optimize attendance and journey plans of the field force.

Define the Intangible

Measure, compare, and improve the time spent in the stores for merchandising vs. selling.

Shelf Compliance Analysis

Monitor shelf compliance by measuring Share of Shelf, On-Shelf Availability, and other critical shelf KPIs in real-time.

Compliance Adherence

Adhere to industry compliances, track in-store merchandising compliance, and identify errors to promptly address any issues.

Automated Reporting

Generate automated reports within 60 seconds of upload with visual analytics for quick and easy performance evaluation.

Unlock new opportunities for growth and success with Infilect

The Ultimate DIY Solutions to CPG Merchandising


Capture in-store images using the mobile app that integrates seamlessly with other SFA apps.


The AI algorithms analyze the images to extract valuable insights and detect relevant merchandising metrics.


Access the analyzed data through InfiViz’s intuitive dashboard, featuring customizable visualizations and actionable recommendations.


Implement data-driven merchandising strategies to optimize in-store execution and drive business growth.

Realtime Analytics to Realtime Actions

Provide instant reports to your merchandising supervisor to improve merchandiser performance
Get per-merchandiser payout recommendations based on the quality of retail execution
Provide real-time in-store actions to merchandisers to measure and fix in-store on-shelf retail execution
Provide real-time alerts to supervisors, area sales managers, and sales managers on open vs closed tasks

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Merchandizing Management Made Easy

Advanced Image Recognition

Infilect’s AI-powered platform utilizes state-of-the-art image recognition algorithms to accurately analyze in-store conditions and execution.

Real-Time Insights

Instantly access actionable insights into shelf conditions, product placements, and compliance to enhance merchandising efficiency.

Customizable Solutions

Tailored to meet your specific needs, our platform offers customizable solutions that adapt to your unique merchandising

Enhanced Decision Making

Make informed decisions based on comprehensive data analytics and visual reports, enabling you to drive sales and maximize ROI.

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