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Syndicated Audit Services For CPG Companies

Value Proposition For You: An Overview 

Retail Audits are a single-point source of information for assessing shelf metrics and in-store KPIs. The process of obtaining that information is laced with vulnerabilities, dependencies, and an incessant inflammability of cash and resources. But with a bit of maneuvering, CPG companies can sit on a pile of data assimilated from stores from across the globe without having to worry about the tedious “How”.

We recognized that having a license to utilize in-store shelf photos, obtaining monthly KPIs such as share of shelf and share of assortment, and, the most pivotal step of realogram to planogram conversion will unburden the pipeline by leaps and bounds.

Coverage Using Syndicated Audits in North America

Day 1
Competition SKUS
Times a Month Visit
SOS Improvement
USD 500K
Upsell Opportunity

Covering over 2000+ stores across the USA

Turnkey Features

Easy Image Recognition-based syndicated photo taking

Instant availability of syndicated in-store retail execution KPIs

Real-time actions for field agents for instant retail execution fixes

 Retail Store Audits

Photo captured by field agents
OR Photo collected by partners + sales reps

Photo captured from all stores across regions

Photo processing by InfiViz AI

Subscription-based analytics dashboard & reports for multiple CPG brands

Addressing The Other Side Of The Story: Obstacles to Navigate 

We know there are two sides to every story. While syndicated audits might paint an almost utopian picture of seamless, real-time data availability, we know the potential sour patches that might sway CPG leaders away from unlocking a world of whole new possibilities.

We have carefully handpicked your worries and designed our solution in a way that will ease your frown lines. Let’s delve into it.

Limited Control

Because syndicated audits involve numerous actors, CPG companies may feel restricted control over the process.


Syndicated audit process involves sharing sensitive financial and operational information which the CPG companies might be hesitant to share.

Limited Value Add

There might be lingering questions about the depth of analysis and insights from syndicated audits.

Business Benefits


For CPG companies with a wide product range, conducting an audit in-house can be costly. Syndicated audits enable corporations to split audit costs with other companies, making it a much more cost-effective choice.

Industry Benchmarks

Syndicated audits give businesses access to industry benchmarks, which can assist them to understand how they compare to their competitors. This data can be utilized to discover areas for improvement and to make better-informed product development and marketing decisions.

Objective Insights

Because syndicated audits are carried out by third-party entities, the judgment remains unadulterated by biases that may stem from a sense of belonging. Hence, the insights supplied are neutral and objective.

Faster results

Because syndicated audits often have shorter turnaround times than in-house audits, they can assist businesses in identifying and addressing issues more rapidly. This is especially true in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, where time to market is crucial.

Larger Data Pool

Syndicated audits frequently involve data collation from a large number of retailers and consumers, providing firms with access to a broader range of data than they could collect in-house. This expansive data set can assist businesses in identifying trends and patterns that they might not have noticed otherwise.

"We are creating the future of measuring and improving in-store on-shelf metrics. With our syndicated audits, CPG companies can not only get store images and measure shelf KPIs but can also fix merchandising in real-time."

Vijay Gabale, Co-Founder,

Investor Relations, NA Business Development, Infilect Inc.

The Fundamentals of InfiViz Edge

A complete system for in-store photo capture and analysis that provides in-store retail execution analytics and real-time actions.
The most cost-effective subscription-based solution for obtaining in-store KPIs such as shelf share, on-shelf visibility, and photo-to-planogram conversion.
A perpetual license to photos as well as market data and insights.
The simplest and most cost-effective method of obtaining retail syndicated audits
Retail Analytics for CPG
Easy Image Recognition-based syndicated photo taking
Instant availability of syndicated in-store retail execution KPIs
Real-time actions for field agents for instant retail execution fixes
Easy & affordable subscription-based pricing
Instant availability of data, insights, and actions for KPIs
Over 20 different KPIs such as SOS, and OSA covered
Non-exclusive perpetual license to use images and insights
Instant conversion of photos to JDA/PSA files
Seasonal category-reset tracking is included
End-to-end competitive intelligence at your fingertips

Trusted By Global Brands

Retail Execution Insights in 60 Seconds

Promotion Compliance
Share of Shelf
Planogram Compliance
On-Shelf Availability
Competitive Intelligence
AI-Driven Sales Recommendations
Automated Store Audits
Pricing Intelligence

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