Boost Per Store Sales With Real-Time Pricing Intelligence Using Image Recognition

Price Detection: Real-Time Pricing Insights

Infilect's image recognition technology swiftly detects pricing on product displays, empowering CPG brands and retailers to monitor price fluctuations in real-time. By analyzing images, this tool identifies price tags and labels, equipping businesses to stay ahead of competitive pricing, track changes, and capitalize on promotional opportunities. With rapid data processing capabilities, image recognition facilitates agile strategy adjustments in response to market dynamics. AI-powered algorithms help CPG brands price their products based on data like competitor pricing, customer response, sales promotions, and many more.

Promo Price
Normal Price
Normal Price

Revolutionary Price Sticker Detection and Classification by Infilect

Sticker Detection and Classification

Infilect's advanced technology employs bounding box detection followed by classification based on sticker color and form (white, red, ESL)

Price Assignment

Infilect seamlessly assigns stickers to the SKU that maximally overlaps with them (above or below), ensuring accurate pricing for all items within the same SKU.

Price Extraction

Infilect's system meticulously extracts prices from each sticker, categorizing them into normal, discount, and promotional buckets for enhanced clarity and efficiency.

Why is it Essential for CPG Companies to Monitor Display Prices?

Effective monitoring of display prices is paramount for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies due to frequent occurrences of incorrect pricing being presented to consumers. Ensuring accurate price displays is crucial for maintaining consumer trust and optimizing sales performance in the competitive retail landscape. These discrepancies can arise from various factors, including:

Retailers deviating from the recommended price range.

Absence of price displays.

Misplacement of price displays.

Failure to reflect promotions such as discounts or combo pack prices.

Inaccurate representation of updated pricing.

Competitive offers that may be more appealing.

Infilect's Price Audits: Empowering Retail Excellence

Harness the power of Image Recognition (IR) technology to conduct Retail Price Audits effortlessly. Infilect’s comprehensive reports cover essential metrics such as Retail Selling Price (RSP), Temporary Price Reductions (TPR), Fixed Selling Price (FSP), multiples, and ensure the alignment of Price Promo Groups.

Share insights seamlessly with retailers, facilitating collaboration and informed decision-making for optimized pricing strategies.

  • Leverage IR to provide Retail Price Audit
  • Reports
  • RSP
  • TPR
  • FSP
  • Multiples
  • Confirm alignment of Price Promo Group
  • Share with Retailers

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