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A picture Is Worth A Thousand Facts

Infilect is the preferred choice of global CPG brands to provide real-time retail execution insights like Share-of-Shelf, Out-of-Stock alerts, digital store audits, planogram compliance, pricing intelligence, and optimizing trade payouts. Infilect is the most advanced visual intelligence platform that drives store profitability at scale and also helps CPG brands save significantly on cost and time.“A picture is worth a thousand facts” and hence, Infilect leverages the power of Image Recognition (IR) to distill a wealth of insights. Our strategic approach revolves around accurately staking claim to, and optimizing, the rightful share of the shelf. By gaining insights into store-level shelf allocation, the aim is to aid CPG brands secure maximum selling space and identify under-shelved stores for corrective action and fix the issues spontaneously.

Automated store audits through in-store image capture

>95% accurate shelf metrics and stock level data made available in real-time

Frequently monitor in-store merchandising compliance

Fine-grained competitor intelligence

Benefits: SHELFies That Will Make Your Teams Smile

Drive Sales: Optimizing shelf space directly impacts sales, maximizing exposure to potential customers.

Every Inch Counts! More Space, MoreOpportunities: Increased allocation toyour brand translates to enhanced opportunities for sales.

Correlate Store Sales with Shelf Data: Cross-reference store sales with shelf data to establish correlations and refine strategies.

On-Shelf Availability (OSA)
Sales Performance Monitoring

On-Shelf Availability (OSA) refers to what percent of 'must-have' SKUs are actually present on the shelves. Say a shampoo company wants an assortment of 10 of its high-selling SKUs to be present in a retail store, but on the shelf only 6 are present, then OSA for that product is 60%

Usually, CP companies expect the stores to comply with the OSA percentage in the agreement and accordingly stores are given payouts.

Impact of Calculating OSA for Brands

Non-availability will automatically lead to reduced acceptance of the product in the market leading to its failure.

Therefore, maintaining high OSA levels for new products is crucial to help ensure their success.

The SOS Dashboard

Monitor Share of Space at Brands/Variants Level across category/segment.
Track SOS across multiple variations - 
Facings, Linear, Area.
Compare SOS trends for competitors across different stores, banners, channels, regions, etc.
Understand growth trend of your brands across 
different periods

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Share of Shelf

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Automated Store Audits

On Shelf Availability

Competitive Intelligence

Promotion Compliance

AI-Driven Sales Recommendations

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