Building The Perfect Store Strategy for CPG Brands With Image Recognition

What Is A Perfect Store?

The concept of Perfect Stores came into existence in the early 2000s and encapsulates an ideal yet attainable shopping experience to maximize product lift-off. It is a set of in-store standards that articulates how the product, price, package, promotion & proposition would look like in each store. In the contemporary retail space that’s dynamic, consumer-centric, and technology-led, a perfect store execution is fundamental to both revenue and awareness of an FMCG brand.

Roadblocks To A Perfect Store

The contemporary economic scenario has witnessed one of the most dynamic market-consumer relations. The choices are abundant, and brands are battling for consumer’s attention.

Manual in-store audits

The auditors visit each store and physically count the number of products displayed.

This takes around a week for data collation and is error-prone.

Lack of real-time data

Slow-moving technologies delay data delivery by hours, this negatively affects the pace of the business.

77% of professionals believe that a lack of real-time data availability inhibits business-critical decisions.

Negligible Understanding of Consumer Demographics

With the conventional method, sales leaders of CPG brands have zero to little knowledge about the end users buying their products.

Poorly planned SKUs for different geographical regions, thus impacting sales.

InfiViz: The Future of Retail

Powered By AI, an advanced visual intelligence platform for real-time on-shelf visibility and actionable execution insights.

InfiViz enables CPG brands to bring their vision of the perfect store to reality by empowering them with the most accurate, contextual, and actionable in-store execution analytics. It is designed for retail excellence and is equipped with real-time store insights, helping sales leaders boost their brand visibility & lift per store sales.

Build the perfect store with InfiViz:

Automated Store Audits

Real-Time Shelf Metrics with Over 97% Accuracy

Per-Store Level Retail Insights

Multi-Object Tracking

Proven Efficacy Even in Low Light Conditions

Dynamic Shelf Tracking

Recommendations For Smarter Assortment Planning

100% Compliance Adherence & Monitoring

Retail Distribution Insights for Both General & Modern Trade

Smart, Granular Competitive Intelligence

How InfiViz Impacted Global CPG Brands’ Retail Execution

Digitized, click n go audits save up to 60% of the merchandisers’ time.
Real-time data and insights are made available in 60 seconds for better, informed decision-making.
Daily evaluation of out-of-stock shelf spaces.
Realtime insights on brand & SKU level competitive intelligence.
100% adherence to in-store visibility
25% lift for in-store visibility
2%-5% lift in per-store sales
40% Improvement in penetration of brands per store

We Have Scaled Globally!

Deployed Across
18+countries worldwide
400Kstores monthly
25Mimages per month
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Why Infilect?

Infilect aims to equip the marketing & sales leaders of CPG & FMCG brands with a comprehensive image recognition technology powered by AI, enabling them to take control of their shelf spaces across the globe. Our product eliminates the manual, error-prone tasks from the pipeline, making the end-to-end retail execution 100% digitized, precise & efficient.