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Planogram Compliance

Planogram Compliance For Retail Success

Planogram compliance is the backbone of retail success for both manufacturers and retailers, which is why ensuring adherence to compliance standards has become more crucial than ever. Achieving planogram compliance is about following a set of rules that ensures the right products are displayed on the right shelves. CPG companies distribute payouts to the stores to place certain SKUs in definite shelf positions to elevate the chances of product lift-off.

Optimizing Business Operations:
The Impact of Planogram Compliance

Streamlining planogram compliance processes reduces manual errors, minimizes out-of-stock situations, increases product discoveries, and improves overall operational efficiency, saving time and resources for both manufacturers and retailers.  Additionally, with the Planogram solution, CPG brands and retailers can easily interpret in-store conditions for store floor planning and category management, thereby extricating maximum efficiency from every SKU presented. The instantaneous insights provided improve the overall category, facilitating retail industry players to achieve their perfect store targets.

Higher Product

Better Store Space Planning


Planogram Compliance Computation Logic

Presence Compliance:

Number of SKUs actually present in the store Vs the number of SKUs expected to be present at the store at any given time.

Row Compliance:

Number of SKUs present in the assigned row Vs. the number of SKUs expected to be present in that assigned row at any given time in the store.

Sequence Compliance:

Number of SKUs placed in a wrong sequence out of the total number of SKUs to be present in the store.

Planogram Compliance (%) = Presence Compliance + Row Compliance + Sequence Compliance = 0.51 * 100 = 51%

InfiViz Dashboard View:

Experience the power of data visualization with InfiViz's dynamic dashboard view.
Understand the trends of compliance adherence across different periods, stores, channels, and banners.
Identify deviations and act on discrepancies by accessing the comparative Realogram Vs Planogram feature.
Measure the overall compliance spanning across multiple stores against store-specific planograms.

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