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Instantly improve your on-shelf visibility and store execution performance with the most accurate and real-time action-ready insights.

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Proven Impact

Same Store
Sales Lift
Minutes Saved in
Store Audits
Trade Payouts

Every Store At Your Fingertips!

Using real time image recognition and AI

Digitized in-store audits

Intuitive mobile app to capture in-store images by your field force as compared to laborious manual data capture. Instant action plans on measured vs targeted shelf metrics.

On-shelf execution insights

Actionable insights to fix execution & compliance issues instantly by the field force. Improve in-store brand and SKU visibility within minutes.

Realtime competitive intelligence

Pro-active recommendations on per-store sales, product offers and competitive pricing. Predictive insights on new product launch and uncover your in-store strategy vs competitor’s strategy.

Optimize trade marketing

Drive higher ROI on trade marketing with metrics such as Brand share, On-Shelf-Availability and track planogram. Optimize and manage retailer and field force payouts easily.

Analytics from both General and Modern trade

>97% accuracy in detecting the smallest of SKUs, displays and pricing even in cluttered retail environments

Compliance monitoring

Track every promotional display, Point-of-sale material, SKU pricing and planogram at the store level. Take instant action to ensure 100% compliance adherence.

Visual data analytics - The future of CPG retail

AI driven daily, weekly and monthly sales recommendations for every stakeholder.

Sales Leaders

Lift per-store sales with accurate and actionable insights to prevent stockout scenarios and boost execution performance. Execution metrics and recommendations are provided to your field force within 2 mins to fix execution errors on the spot.

Trade Marketing Leaders

Millions can be saved on retailer payouts by identifying non-compliance in real-time. Get rich competitor insights to plan new product launches, discounts, sales & offers at a per-store level.

Category Lead

Ensure the right assortment mix sit on the right shelf, at the right store. Optimize store fulfilment based on per-store sales & demand data. Ensure high availability of key SKUs per category on the shelf.

Field Force

Cut down on store audit time with a super-easy mobile app for in-store image capture. Cover more stores, fix issues instantly and build a meaningful relationship with the retailers.

Get real-time execution insights and store-level analytics for all levels of enterprise retail.


Our Products



Comprehensive visual intelligence platform for realtime in-store execution insights

  • Automated store audits through easy in-store image capture
  • >95% accurate shelf metrics and stock level data made available in realtime to your field force


Image Recognition powered AI-based surveillance for in-store loss prevention

  • Realtime processing of in-store video feeds at the self-checkout counters, retail shelves and more
  • >95% object detection and identification of SKUs from
    non SKUs


Visual intelligence platform for evaluation of digital multimedia

  • Realtime and automated evaluation of digital creatives for brand & design compliance
  • Prescriptive feedback and recommendations to ensure your ad creatives catch shoppers attention

Most Advanced Visual Intelligence Platform

Why Infilect?

Patented superior technology

  • Continuous learning system with state-of-the-art AI engine
  • Superior retail analytics and AI-powered recommendations
  • Lightening fast AI setup  within 2 weeks, no new learning curve
  • Processes over 25 million in-store images per month
  • Proprietary historical data sets for industry-leading accuracy in SKU & object detection

Store level, fine-grained and in-depth retail execution insights

  • Data accuracy of > 95% in both Modern and General trade
  • Retail insights and per-store level action plans sent to the field force within 2 mins of image capture
  • Multi-object tracking such as in-store products, displays, SKU pricing and shoppers
  • Dynamic shelf tracking and rapid identification of new SKUs

30X ROI on our solution

  • Significant week on week improvement in store sales
  • 100% adherence to in-store compliance,  optimized store and merchandizer payouts
  • Cover 10X more stores with same set of field force

Unlock revenue growth opportunities for your brand today!


Industries We Serve


Consumer Packaged Goods

Optimize in-store execution to improve on-shelf SKU visibility, plug out of stock situations and improve store compliance across hundreds of product categories ranging from hair care, personal care, skincare, hygiene, baby care and more


Packaged Food & Beverages

Identify densely populated assortments displayed on store shelves across thousands of stores. Get accurate and instant shelf intelligence, store execution analytics along with proactive sales recommendations.


Consumer Electronics

Our image recognition solutions enable you to monitor every item displayed on every shelf in every electronics store. With Infilect, brands can determine their in-store brand presence, track shopper journeys, monitor various interactions .


Large Format Retail

AI-video analytics enables store managers to identify and prevent store shrinkages and inventory thefts, as soon as they happen.By integrating live surveillance footage with intelligence, also enables one to identify opportunities .


Pet Care

Improve on-shelf metrics such as on-shelf-availability and Share of Shelf instantly with rich in-store retail insights. Track promotional and pricing compliances across a variety of pet products including treats & nutritional supplements.


Pharmaceuticals OTC

Ensure maximum visibility for your band for over-the-counter general medicines and health products. Track storage display and promotional compliance across thousands of modern pharma outlets and small general trade stores.

We Have Scaled Globally!

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countries worldwide
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The Future of Retail

Today’s retail world is changing rapidly.
While convenience, delight and omnichannel engagement run through every retail brand and retailer’s minds, the question that opens up is - What will our stores look like in the future?




Image Recognition for Perfect In-store Execution


Learn about how Image Recognition can empower retail sales leaders with visual analytics to improve in-store brand visibility, & optimize in-store retail execution


InfiViz - Retail Execution Insights within 60 secs

What our customers say

"With Infilect's Image recognition-based Retail Execution audits, our sales directors and management team get a front-row seat to visually see and control exactly how our products are shelved in every key outlet.

This transformation of our retail execution process using deep technology has had a tremendous impact on our sales and marketing strategies and has resulted in a significant lift in sales."

Channel Development Manager,
Leading Packaged food brand in India
"We partnered with Infilect and commissioned them to provide a new to the world solution leveraging their advanced image recognition technology.

Their can-do attitude and deep technical expertise helped to create a proof of concept in just a month, followed by a great product that is now being implemented across regions”

Senior Manager, APAC Analytics & Insights
Top multinational FMCG Brand
"Retail Visual Intelligence is a powerful technology to get more data, faster and better, thus sharpening our understand of our company's In-Market Execution.

Simple to use and fast to deploy, InfiViz will help us drive strong growth at scale in multiple markets."

Sales IT Business Partner, APAC global
Leading personal care brand

Have Queries?

What is retail execution software?
Retail execution software helps CPG leaders monitor, manage and optimize their entire retail execution activities, trade marketing and compliances inside a retail store.
What is the role of retail execution software in CPG?
Retail execution software provides critical shelf and execution insights to CPG manufacturers that helps take data-driven decision to optimize their in-store execution and subsequently improve per-store-sales.
How does artificial intelligence and Image recognition help retailers increase sales?
With in-depth shelf insights available to CPG stakeholders, they can see in real-time how their product display, promotion and pricing strategies perform inside stores. With this visibility, Sales leaders can take data-backed decision to fix their retail execution, improve per-store-sales and identify new sell-opportunities in new and existing stores.
How is image recognition or object detection used in retail stores?
The process involved in image recognition-based retail execution software depends on simply taking a few high-quality images of the store shelves and then parsing it through object detection algorithms that decodes every product and converts them into intelligent analytics and insights.
How fast is the store insights provided to the user?
Images are processed in real time (> 90 seconds) with >97% accuracy and the metrics are made available to in-store merchandizers instantly to fix execution on-the-spot. The store insights and analytics are made available to multiple stakeholders along with visual proof of all the captured store images.
Is there a merchandizing app for the field force agent?
Yes. Merchandizers can use a mobile application to take pictures of the shelf based on good photo-taking guidelines. This app also helps in delivering instant analytics and plan of action to the merchandizers while they are inside the store.
How much time does it take to set up an image recognition software across stores?
Infilect first engages with a customer in a pilot-scale as desired to prove the capability of the system and then proceeds to production-scale. The entire setup for production-scale is less then 2 weeks!
Can InfiViz integrate with other SFA apps or your data lake?
Yes. Merchandizers can use a mobile application to take pictures of the shelf based on good photo-taking guidelines. This app also helps in delivering instant analytics and plan of action to the merchandizers while they are inside the store.
Have more questions? Reach out to us!