InfiBrAIn by Infilect: Instant Catalog Creation Leveraging AI Powered Image Recognition

InfiBrain tool by Infilect

What is InfiBrAIn?

Creating product catalogs from shelf photos or other sources manually is resource-intensive and moderately efficient which quickly turns into a rigmarole of filling out endless data sheets. The traditional methods of catalog creation, data annotation, and AI customization are not scalable, causing significant bottlenecks in the process. However, the complications in tandem can be avoided with automated button-click workflows.

InfiBrAIn by Infilect is a next-generation tool designed to transform the way you create, manage, and update product catalogs. Eliminate bottlenecks and productivity leaks by saying goodbye to the tedious manual processes and adopt a faster, more accurate, and highly scalable solution powered by advanced Image Recognition AI technology.

Business Impact & Operational Effectiveness

Streamlining the processes of product catalog creation by clustering and organizing product data helps to eliminate bottlenecks and expedite operations.

Scalability: InfiBrAIn seamlessly processes and organizes large volumes of data, ensuring scalability even with increased complexity, without compromising efficiency.

Efficiency: By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, InfiBrAIn has significantly reduced the manual effort required to manage extensive product catalogs.

Cost Savings: By automating data entry and verification processes, InfiBrAIn not only reduces labor costs but also minimizes errors and associated rectification expenses.

How InfiBrAIn Works

InfiBrAIn by Infilect is exclusively created to dissolve the bumps in the road to catalog creation by leveraging AI-powered image recognition, significantly enhancing accuracy and speed.

1. Automatic Discovery of New Brands, Variants, SKUs: AI detects patterns, identifies groups, and forms clusters from the store images at the brand, variant, and SKU levels.

2. Comprehensive Category Catalog Creation: A one-stop solution for creating detailed category catalogs, including competitors' products. Label patterns with names and metadata seamlessly.

3. Instant AI Training and Deployment: Quick human review for AI model training, ensuring swift and efficient deployment.

4. Real-time AI With an Accuracy of 95%: Experience real-time accuracy of up to 95%, with effortless comparison and reporting between human assessments and AI results.

5. Tracking of New SKUs At The Snap of Your Finger: Track new SKUs within minutes and enjoy enriched store images with AI detections.

InfiBrain tool by Infilect

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