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What is Sales Management?

Sales management refers to overseeing and directing sales activities by setting sales targets, establishing strategies, supervising sales staff, analyzing sales data, and monitoring market trends. The main goal of sales management in retail is to increase revenue and achieve long-term growth for the brands and its several SKUs.

Sales Management Using Infilect’s Most Advanced Image Recognition Solution

Infilect, a global leader in retail visual intelligence leveraging image recognition, streamlines sales management by tracking key performance indicators such as on-shelf availability, shelf analytics, share of shelf, planogram compliance, pricing strategy, and competition analytics. By providing real-time insights into these metrics, Infilect enables sales leaders a live view  to optimize inventory placement, enhance merchandising strategies, and maintain competitive pricing, ultimately driving increased sales and profitability.

Benefits At Scale

Track Must Stock List and 
On-Shelf Availability of your key SKUs

Rank banners, regions, and stores based on the market opportunities to improve OSA

Instantly fix MSL presence and OSA in real time as soon as photos are captured

Rapidly filter and identify stores where there are SKU hits, misses, and opportunities

Realtime Analytics to Realtime Actions

Get recommendations on improving SKU presence based on the competition SKU presence

Provide sales orders to your sales teams based on the SKU presence and positioning

Get instant alerts on the penetration of news SKUs launched by you and your competition

Get correlation and causation reports of the effect of changes in OSA on actual per-store sales

Photos to significant increase in per-store sales

A sales leader’s front row live seat

Sales Performance Monitoring

Images captured within the store are transformed into detailed, actionable reports, furnishing you with real-time insights that empower strategic, data-informed decision-making. Over 20 different KPIs such as SOS, and OSA covered.

Ensure On Shelf Availability

To enhance on-shelf availability and boost share of shelf, leverage real-time insights for instant fixes through your field sales force. This proactive approach ensures staying ahead in the retail game.

Sales Performance Tracking

Utilizing image recognition technology, Infilect brings an impartial aspect to sales reporting and incentive distribution. This fosters a transparent and equitable rewards structure, encouraging optimal performance from your sales team.

Competition Intelligence

With Infilect, staying ahead is effortless as you swiftly uncover competitors' latest products, promotions, and pricing tactics. Through cutting-edge image recognition, our technology captures your competitors' shelf dynamics in real-time, furnishing invaluable intelligence to drive your strategic maneuvers.

Pricing Intelligence

Image Recognition powered intelligence helps you to price your products based on data like competitor pricing, customer response, sales promotions, and many more. Infilect provides proactive recommendations on per-store sales, product offers and competitive pricing. Predictive insights on new product launches helps in architecting your in-store strategy vs competitor’s strategy.

Promotions and Display Tracking

Infilect excels not only in daily retail operations monitoring but also in promotion and launch tracking. It provides  invaluable insights into the efficacy of your marketing, promotions and display strategies, facilitating future planning and execution as well as planogram compliance and tracking offers and incentives.

How InfiViz Impacted Global CPG Brands' Retail Execution


Digitized, click-and-go audits save up to 60% of the merchandisers’ time.

Real-time data and insights are made available in 60 seconds for better, informed decision-making.

Daily evaluation of out-of-stock shelf spaces.

Realtime insights on brand & SKU level competitive intelligence.


100% adherence to in-store visibility

25% lift for in-store visibility

2%-5% lift in per-store sales

40% improvement in penetration of brands per store

We Have Scaled Globally!

Deployed Across
18+countries worldwide
400Kstores monthly
25Mimages per month
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Infilect is Far Ahead of The Competition

1 Week
Setup by using acquired catalog images
> 95%
Accurate insights gathered across all stores
60 secs
Availability of KPIs, execution insights & action plans
< 3 days
To recognize new SKUs
on the shelf
< 15 days
To integrate with SAP and Salesforce AppExchange
Dedicated customer support success manager

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