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Trade Promotions in CPG: Spend Vs. Returns

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies can allocate as much as 20 percent of their total revenues towards promotional activities, constituting a significant portion of their profit and loss (P&L) statement. But despite the big chunk of funds being poured into trade promotions, the ROI is on the lower end of the spectrum.

40% of trade promotion spending does not drive the desiredresults.

1/3rd of the money was lost by most of the manufacturers who invest in trade promotions.

Promotion Compliance: Dashboard View

Understand the trend of compliance adherence across different periods, stores, SKUs, promotion type etc.
Check for improvements by finding out the weak links.
Check Store-wise Trade Promotion Compliance per promotion and save on payouts for bottom performing stores.
Discover how competitive your promotions are, identifying where you are cheaper or more expensive.

Promotion Compliance Tracking

Trade Promotion Compliance enables monitoring of stores at the SKU level to ensure they are adhering to designated promotions accurately, such as discounts or multi-buy offers. It also tracks the adherence of SKUs or brands to specific trade promotion standards within individual stores.

Business Impact of Tracking Trade Promotions

Better Resource Allocation:

Monitoring Trade Promotions at the store level allows businesses to allocate their funds better by recognizing underperforming stores and reducing their payouts.

Promo Price Compliance:

It reduces manual promo price tracking by eliminating errors, and excessive documentation, thus, saving time. The immediate feedback loop improves the overall category, assisting industry players in the CPG retail sector to achieve their desired perfect store outcomes efficiently.

Adherence to Planogram Standards:

The dashboard helps interpret in-store conditions for floor planning and category management and maximize efficiency for each presented SKU.

Understand the trends of compliance adherence across different periods, stores, channels, and banners.
Identify deviations and act on discrepancies by accessing the comparative Realogram Vs Planogram feature.
Measure the overall compliance spanning across multiple stores against store-specific planograms.
Competitive Insights:

Effective monitoring enables consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands to gain insights into competitors' promotion strategies and better plan their promotional calendars.

Monitor competitor's OSA, SOS, Pricing and Promotions at Brands/Variants Level across category/segment.
Learn the average price of a product and where your competitors stand so you can adjust your price strategy.
Compare OSA & SOS for competitors across different stores, banners, channels, regions, etc.
Discover how competitive your promotions are, identifying where you are cheaper or more expensive.

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