The Easiest, Most Advanced & Convenient AI-Driven Solution From Infilect

Key Highlights

Photos to PSA file export using AI-trained models

Direct access to the retailer’s planograms during seasonal/category resets

Run AI-driven planogram simulations for sales optimization

Improve assortment planning: Achieve eye-level placements

Sell more products with new kind of patterns

Easily integrate the retailer’s new planogram formats into your space management software

In the Blink of An AI: Store Photos to PSA Files

Photo capture from
the store

Image Recognition on the images captured (for the brand as well as competition SKUs). Identification of placement of SKUs on the bay, shelf, sequence, and facings.

Using given product dimensions or Infilect’s patented pixelation
process to convert category bays, shelves, product dimensions into centimeters.

Transferring of the image recognition output along with dimensions into a psa file

The Unique Advantages with Infilect’s Solution

Planogram And Category Reset Insights:

Infilect empowers CPG brands with valuable insights into planogram and category resets. This information, often inaccessible from retailers, is crucial for understanding product placement, whether at eye-level or not, and optimizing sales strategies.

Insight Into The Most Important Execution Data:

Retailers typically provide high level SLAs to CPG companies that they will get X% of linear SOS, etc. while the actual placement of the products is at the discretion of the retailers. Therefore, having access to the planograms is very important to understand what assortment has gone onto the shelf. It also helps CPG companies (their category managers) to negotiate the right kind of SKUs in the right stores, and do the sales accordingly.

Insights Driven Decisions:

Through image recognition technology, CPG brands have a comprehensive view of their product shelving directly integrated into your space management software enabling them to make informed decisions.

Retailer-Specific Planograms:

CPG brands can now access planograms tailored to each of their top retailers, gaining a deep understanding of how their products are displayed. This knowledge allows for running simulations to assess the impact of different assortment patterns on product sales and strategizing for increased revenue.

Simulations For Sales Optimization:

Infilect enables CPG brands to run simulations to explore the potential of selling more products with new product & display patterns. This proactive approach allows for data-driven decisions and maximizing sales opportunities.

Effortless Conversion To JDA Format:

Images captured are seamlessly converted into an intermediate format that can be easily uploaded into JDA systems, streamlining the integration process.

Assortment Recommendations:

Infilect's solution provides valuable insights and recommendations for optimizing product assortments. CPG brands can make informed choices to ensure their product offerings align with market demand and customer preferences.

Efficient Payouts And Retailer's Incentives:

Infilect's solution facilitates efficient payout processes and ensures that retailers are incentivized effectively, promoting mutually beneficial relationships between CPG brands and their retail partners.

Trusted By Global Brands

Far Ahead of The Competition

1 Week
Setup by using acquired catalog images
> 95%
Accurate insights gathered across all stores
60 secs
Availability of KPIs, execution insights & action plans
< 3 days
To recognize new SKUs
on the shelf
< 15 days
To integrate with SAP and Salesforce AppExchange
Dedicated customer support success manager

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