Foresee Sales By Tapping Onto Predictive Analytics

Take charge of the future of retail with intuitive predictive analytics.

Predictive Analytics: The Fortune Teller For FMCG Brands

A form of advanced data analytics, Predictive Analytics makes predictions about future retail outcomes & performances by extrapolating historical data. It uses machine learning and statistical data interpretation to recognize purchase patterns and potential sales. FMCG companies deploy predictive analytics to recognize patterns and foretell risks and opportunities.

Is The Pre-Requisite To Predictive Analytics Also Its Limiting Factor?

The entirety of Predictive Analytics is based on data. Data that is relevant, clean, segmented, and accurate. While the use of predictive analytics in the retail industry can score a home run but establishing an efficient predictive analytics model might feel like a catch-22.

Data is the pre-requisite to building the foundation of predictive analytics but how confident are FMCG brands about their data quality?

The contemporary FMCG space is inundated with data spread across various formats. Predictive Analytics bets on the purity of data, an impurity of which leads to grave consequences. Below are the biggest hurdles that jam the road to accurate predictive analytics.

Data Quality

Data Completeness

Data Myopia

Data Cleansing

Eliminate The Limiting Factor From The Equation With The Most Accurate Data Source By Infilect

Business Benefits of Predictive Analytics

Inventory & Supply Chain Management

Improve visibility into the end-to-end operations of the retail supply chain and make better decisions.

Sales Recommendations

AI-based sales recommendation engines are driven by predictive analytics. With smart historical data interpretation, anticipate customers’ wants and needs.

Optimal Resource Utilization

Make optimum use of the resources in hand with precise prognosis, predictive analytics, and quality assurance and support.

Reduce Risks

With accurate predictive analytics, you get a rearview mirror that reflects business risks lurking in the sideline, that might have been missed otherwise.

Customer Segmentation & Targeting

Get visibility in front of the right set of audiences and enhance conversion rates by tapping into the power of predictive analytics for retail.

Optimize Pricing

Predictive analytics help FMCG businesses craft an optimal pricing model by reading various facets affecting sales. This includes the supply-to-demand ratio, competitor pricing, response to discounts, etc.

Customer Retention

Predictive analytics help you prevent churn and increase retention by reading how customers perceive the products, thereby, providing a cheat code on areas to improvise to better the customer experience.

Forecast Revenue

Foresee your business’s revenue generation by leveraging the understanding of past & present sales to make an informed and educated prediction.

Pave Your Way To Excellence With Predictive Analytics

All-in on AI: Leaders tackle three business outcomes together

84% of business leaders believe that Artificial Intelligence will give them a competitive edge in the future.

75% of business leaders advocate that AI will help them make better decisions.

64% believe that it would be critical to the overall efficacy and productivity of the organization.

Accelerate Your Growth In The FMCG Space With Smart Predictive Analytics.

Introducing Infilect’s Flagship Product InfiViz

A comprehensive visual intelligence platform for the most accurate, real-time in-store execution insights.

Click n Go store audits
In-store execution insights within 60 seconds.
Competitive intelligence
Compliance monitoring
Lightning fast product setup within 2 weeks
AI-powered sales recommendations
Multi-object & dynamic shelf tracking
Per-store level retail insights

Capturing of high quality in-store images by on-field merchandisers.

Accurately identifies SKUs and display promotions from the images captured from every store.

Critical and actionable execution insights are made available on the InfiViz Dashboard and shared using trackers directly into stakeholder inbox.

Execution insights and targeted action plans are available to on-field merchandisers within 60 seconds.

Trusted By Global Brands

We Have Scaled Globally!

Deployed Across
18+countries worldwide
400Kstores monthly
25Mimages per month
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Why FMCG Brands Love Infilect?

Better Control
Merchandiser real-time tracking using facial recognition & geo tagging
Gather evidence of merchandisers' store visits and activity to determine appropriate merchandisers’ pay-outs
Efficiency at scale
70% time saved for merchandiser audit time per store
Merchandisers are equipped with real-time action plans within 60 secs to instantly fix execution issues on-the-spot
25% reduction in sales beat time, hence more stores covered
Effectiveness and Impact
20% Improvement in Share-of-Shelf and On-Shelf Availability of SKUs
40% Improvement in penetration of brands per store
30% saved on multi-million trade marketing budgets
2%-5% lift in per-store sales

Stay a Step Ahead With Predictive Analytics

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