Mathematics of 
Shelf Analytics

Infilect’s Most Advanced Image Recognition Covering The Most Sought-After CPG Product Performance KPIs

On Shelf Availability

Area Share of Shelf

Linear Share of Shelf

Facing Count Share

On-Shelf Availability Score

Brand, variant, and SKU (size) detected for each product.

New product launch workflows available

Proactive alert when new packs are detected

OSA Calculation Logic
SKU Wise Store Level

How many stores have a particular SKU.

For example, SKU 1 is currently present in 7 stores out of 10 stores. So, OSA % for SKU 1 is 70%

Store wise SKU Level

Out of expected SKUs, how many SKUs are currently present in a particular store.

For example, in the above store out of 10 SKUs which were supposed to be present, only 6 SKUs were actually present, so OSA of that store in this particular store is 60%.

Infilect's Algorithm Logic to Compute Linear Length

For the set of photos in a visit, pixel to cm factor is computed with reference pixel dimensions and the product dimension.

The sum of linear lengths (cm) of all relevant products in the shelf is computed along with empty space. This is the category length.

The sum of linear lengths (cm) of the brand’s products on the shelf is computed. This is brand length.

SOS Calculation Logic
Facings SOS (%)

Ratio of the number of SKUs of a particular brand kept on the retail shelf to that of the total SKU count in that category which is present on the shelf.

Linear SOS (%)

Ratio of the total space occupied on a shelf by the brand’s SKU to that of the total retail shelf space allotted for SKUs of that category.

Share of Shelf Facing
Area Share of Shelf

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