Infilect’s Dynamic Merchandising Solution: Realtime, Agile and Convenient

Unparalleled and efficient in-store execution powered by state-of-the-art image recognition and AI by Infilect.

Realtime fixes for out of stock situations
Product placement corrections
Shelf issues identified in minutes
Corrections are made on the spot by merchandisers
Planogram compliance check and fixes
Full service solution and fully integrated from photos to actions

Optimize Revenue & Sales Performance

Unlock Revenue Potential

Access actionable reports that unveil revenue-boosting opportunities. Reduce out-of-stocks, optimize the placement of top-selling products, and uncover the potential for new product launches. Elevate your retail strategy and enhance your retail presence.

Boost Sales by 2-5% per Store

Enhance in-store share of shelf per SKU and brand share of the shelf to increase sales by 2-5% per store.

Front-Row Seats to Your Stores Worldwide

Our shelf data and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) empower you to evaluate the impact of your retail merchandising efforts. The Infilect’s user-friendly Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard tools and smartphone app ensure data at your disposal in the most convenient and ready-to-use fashion. Seamlessly integrate our APIs with your third-party or custom software.

Effortless Task Monitoring

Our Image Recognition platform digitizes every shelf and in-store action. Each action is meticulously recorded, providing you with the ability to monitor the advancement of any store fixes and remit payment exclusively for work that has been successfully accomplished

Benefits At Scale

Measure, track, and optimize attendance and journey plans of reps

Measure and improve time spent in the store doing merchandising vs selling

Track in-store merchandising compliance by measuring SOS, OSA, planogram, pricing, promotion, display

Rank merchandisers by score for every banner

Realtime Analytics to Realtime Actions

Provide instant reports to your merchandising supervisor to improve merchandiser performance

Get per-merchandiser payout recommendations based on the quality of retail execution

Provide real-time in-store actions to merchandisers to measure and fix in-store on-shelf retail execution

rovide real-time alerts to supervisors, area sales managers, and sales managers on open vs closed tasks

Trusted By Global Brands

We Have Scaled Globally!

Deployed Across
18+countries worldwide
400Kstores monthly
25Mimages per month
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