Retail Execution Software for Physical Retail

The Retail Supply Chain: An Overview

In the contemporary structure of the retail supply chain, the two main actors, CPG manufacturers & stores, sit on the opposite ends of the spectrum, and hence, often CPG manufacturers find it challenging to comprehend what’s happening inside the stores. A CPG brand’s journey to cater to its audience is a two-way street. One ensures delivery & distribution of the products to the consumers, while the other verifies retail execution, checks on post-distribution sales, and brand visibility. A robust AI-powered retail execution software can help flawless retail execution and increase massive per-store sales uplift.

The Blind Spot For CPG Brands In Stores

A retail execution strategy is an amalgamation of marketing, sales, and management efforts. Hence, there’s often a need for finer visibility & control over the in-store performance. Sales & marketing leaders often find it challenging to address time-bound demands because of a lack of real-time retail analytics.

Questions that often go unanswered once the products hit the shelf:

How are the products displayed?

How are the brand promotions performing?

How often does the product go out of stock?

Are there enough products available on the shelf?

What is the share of shelf acquired by the product at any given time?

There’s an evident gap between the manufacturers & in-store retail execution. The most sought-after way to fill this gap is through a team of on-field sales agents, who physically visit every store, and ensure proper execution of all retail strategies. But manual data collection is cumbersome, time-consuming, vulnerable to errors, and severely limits scalability.

Losses incurred by retail manufacturers worldwide: $1 Trillion

Get Real-Time Retail Execution Insights With Image Recognition

Retail Execution Software Powered by Image Recognition: The Key To A Successful In-Store Execution

Visual intelligence and image recognition have revolutionized the face of the retail industry. It is a set of complex algorithms that have been trained to recognize places, objects, SKUs, gap shelves, and many more in the context of physical retail.

Introducing Infilect’s Flagship Product InfiViz

A comprehensive visual intelligence platform for the most accurate, real-time in-store execution insights.

Click n Go store audits
In-store execution insights within 60 seconds.
Competitive intelligence
Compliance Monitoring
Lightning fast product setup within 2 weeks
AI-powered sales recommendations
Multi-object & dynamic shelf tracking
Per-store level retail insights

Capturing of high quality in-store images by on-field merchandisers.

Accurately identifies SKUs and display promotions from the images captured from every store.

Critical and actionable execution insights are made available on the InfiViz Dashboard and shared using trackers directly into stakeholder inbox.

Execution insights and targeted action plans are available to on-field merchandisers within 60 seconds.

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