The X factor that stands out food and beverage brands.

How can food and beverage brands stand out on a store shelf and maximize their visibility and sales potential, let us look at several specific factors that come into play.

Prominent Share of Shelf: Securing a prominent share of shelf space is crucial for visibility and attracting customer attention. Negotiating with the retailer to ensure that your brand has ample space and is positioned at eye level or in high-traffic areas increases the chances of discovery and purchase.

Product Placement: The location of your product within the store can significantly impact its visibility. Placing it in high-traffic areas like the entrance, checkout counters, or end caps increases the likelihood of capturing customer attention. Collaborating with the retailer to secure strategic placements can give your brand a competitive edge.

On-Shelf Visibility: Ensuring that your product stands out visually on the shelf is important. Vibrant packaging, attractive branding, and clear product labeling help differentiate your brand from competitors. Using visually appealing graphics, fonts, and colors that align with your brand identity can draw attention and make it easier for customers to identify your product.

No Out-of-Stock Situations: Consistently monitoring inventory levels and managing supply chain processes is essential to prevent out-of-stock situations. Empty shelves can disappoint customers and result in lost sales and brand loyalty. Establishing strong communication channels with the retailer and implementing efficient inventory management practices can help minimize out-of-stock situations.

Point-of-Sale Displays: Utilizing point-of-sale displays, such as countertop displays, floor stands, or product sampling stations, can attract attention and encourage impulse purchases. These displays can feature your brand prominently, offer product information or samples, and create additional touch points to engage with customers.

Eye-Catching Signage and Shelf Talkers: Creating eye-catching signage, shelf talkers, or banners that highlight your brand and product benefits can generate interest. Effective use of compelling messaging, product images, or promotional offers can entice customers to choose your brand over competitors.

Cross-Promotions and Bundling: Collaborating with complementary brands to create cross-promotions or bundling deals can increase your product's visibility and appeal. Placing your product alongside related items or offering discounts for purchasing multiple products together can enhance the perceived value and encourage customer engagement.

Engaging Product Displays: Creating visually appealing and interactive product displays can grab attention and encourage exploration. For example, setting up a display that showcases recipe ideas or product usage suggestions can inspire customers and provide them with additional reasons to choose your brand.

All of the above can be accomplished with finesse and monitored using Real-Time Retail Execution Insights using Image Recognition technology by Infilect.

Remember, each retailer may have specific guidelines and requirements for shelf placement and display, so it's crucial to work closely with them and be on top of the retail execution data points. “By leveraging real-time retail execution insights through image recognition technology, food and beverage brands can gain a competitive edge in on-shelf metrics. These insights enable them to optimize their shelf performance, improve product visibility, ensure compliance, and make informed decisions to enhance customer engagement and drive sales.” Anand Prabhu Subramanian, CEO of Infilect Inc.

Retail Execution Insights in 60 seconds by Infilect

  • Promotion Compliance
  • Share of Shelf
  • Planogram Compliance
  • On-Shelf Availability
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • AI-Driven Sales Recommendations
  • Automated Store Audits
  • Pricing Intelligence

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