The Future Of FMCG Retail

Data is the new oil in the FMCG industry. And we ensure you never run out of it.

The FMCG Space

The FMCG industry is one of the largest & fastest-growing industries in the world that is primarily responsible for producing, distributing, marketing, and selling fast moving consumer goods. As per a study, the FMCG sector is well positioned to amass a growth of $310.5 Billion between 2022 to 2026. This sort of exponential growth originates from collective excellence, i.e, optimal usage of human resources, the technology used, and the efficacy of existing workflows.

Revolutionize How You Approach FMCG Sales

With the onset of the Information Age in the mid-20th century, businesses have been through waves of reforms. The actions are fact-driven instead of hypothesis-driven. In the FMCG ecosystem, Infilect aims to bring “the future of retail” to life with its smart and interactive image recognition capabilities.

Digitize Store Audits

To befriend productivity, accuracy, and scalability.

With the onset of the Information Age in the mid-20th century, businesses have been through waves of reforms. The actions are fact-driven instead of hypothesis-driven.

Save time & effort
Optimal usage of resources
Generate instant action plans
Precise results and zero chances of data adulteration
Accurate observations for efficient decision-making

Monitor Planogram Compliance

And unlock the key to massive FMCG sales.

Ensure adherence to the planogram protocols in less than 120 seconds, across a multitude of stores at various geographical locations.

Ensure the right mix of products sits on the shelves
100% Adherence to Planogram without manual intervention
Increase Profit Margins by over 5%
Eliminate Out-of-Stock
Enhance Customer Experience

Retail Execution Insights

Within 60 seconds to help you formulate instant and actionable insights.

Obliterate the blindspots in the FMCG retail pipeline with the most accurate Retail Execution Insights that eye the entirety of the process, starting from the manufacturers to the customers.

Visibility into the “whats & hows” of product display
Real-time performance tracking
Cut down on operational and functional costs
Empower sales & marketing leaders with per-store insights
Accurate data repository to facilitate innovation

Build The Perfect Store

With Image Recognition technology and be a part of the revolution.

All the brainstorming in the back end and execution in the front end is to establish what retail scholars call “A Perfect Store.” The concept of a perfect store summarizes the ideals of the shopping experience and ensures maximum product lift-off.

Ensure & maintain the Product, Price, and Promotion synergy
Customized targeting according to geography & demography
Data collation & evaluation on a daily basis
Strengthen the revenue generation pipeline
Channelize complementary sales

The Future of FMCG: A Wholesome, Holistic 360-Degree Growth

“Predicting the future isn’t magic, it’s Artificial Intelligence.”

The future of FMCG is efficient, result-oriented, and technology-driven. Image Recognition coupled with Artificial Intelligence is crafting a symbiotic relationship between retail analytics and execution practices. Not only would this mutually benefit the manufacturer and the customer but it will also open up opportunities for aiming beyond excellence.

Introducing Infilect’s Flagship Product InfiViz

A comprehensive visual intelligence platform for the most accurate, real-time in-store execution insights.

Click n Go store audits
In-store execution insights within 60 seconds.
Competitive intelligence
Compliance monitoring
Lightning fast product setup within 2 weeks
AI-powered sales recommendations
Multi-object & dynamic shelf tracking
Per-store level retail insights

Capturing of high quality in-store images by on-field merchandisers.

Accurately identifies SKUs and display promotions from the images captured from every store.

Critical and actionable execution insights are made available on the InfiViz Dashboard and shared using trackers directly into stakeholder inbox.

Execution insights and targeted action plans are available to on-field merchandisers within 60 seconds.

Trusted By Global Brands

We Have Scaled Globally!

Deployed Across
18+countries worldwide
400Kstores monthly
25Mimages per month
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Why FMCG Brands Love Infilect?

Better Control
Merchandiser real-time tracking using facial recognition & geo tagging
Gather evidence of merchandisers' store visits and activity to determine appropriate merchandisers’ pay-outs
Efficiency at scale
70% time saved for merchandiser audit time per store
Merchandisers are equipped with real-time action plans within 60 secs to instantly fix execution issues on-the-spot
25% reduction in sales beat time, hence more stores covered
Effectiveness and Impact
20% Improvement in Share-of-Shelf and On-Shelf Availability of SKUs
40% Improvement in penetration of brands per store
30% saved on multi-million trade marketing budgets
2%-5% lift in per-store sales

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