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Trade Promotion Compliance Solution Powered by Infilect

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Vijay Gabale, Co-founder & Chief Product & Partnership Officer, Infilect @ POI Dallas Summit 2022

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16+ Countries. 400K stores. Processes 25 Million images per month.

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Trusted by global brands

Optimize Your Trade Promotions With Infilect

With advancements in Image Recognition powered by Artificial Intelligence, it is now possible to powerfully harness real-time store data, and detect and invest optimal resources in the high-yielding corners of trade promotions.


Images from the stores

Trade promotions and the corresponding quantity of sales

Volume or value of sales, profits targets.


Real-time relationship management with retailers.

Massive savings on settlements and deductions: Visual proof and automation of visuals to pinpoint the retailers & stores, by city, by region that are not compliant for each category, brand, retailer, and region on a daily basis.

Real-time feedback on modifying trade promotions: If the competition has better trade promotions, the TPO strategy changes dynamically.

Precise trade promotion recommendations using ground-level data: Understand the store floor space, store shelf space, SKU placement & assortment, and shelf pricing & discounts. Recommendations are made based on ground-level data to track the trade promotions.

Causation analysis: Comprehensive analysis of strategies that worked, the ones that did not, and the underlying cause for the same.

Overcome The Challenges With Trade Promotion Optimization:

The CPG space is highly dynamic and fiercely competitive and hence an optimal utilization of time & resources is critical. Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO) is a practice of ensuring profitability by honing the processes and leveraging technologies to ideate, plan, manage and execute trade promotions.

The key components of Trade Promotion Optimization include:

Data capturing and harmonization

Promotion Effectiveness Measurement

Promotion Analysis



Introducing InfiViz: The Most Advanced Visual Intelligence Platform By Infilect

Infilect’s flagship product, InfiViz, is an advanced Image Recognition AI tool that helps sales and business leaders of CPG & FMCG brands with real-time and accurate in-store retail execution insights. With its highly trained algorithm, InfiViz can provide predictive and prescriptive analytics to boost trade promotions and add layers of efficiency to the same.

Actionable In-Store Execution Insights in Real-Time

Multi object and Dynamic shelf tracking

AI-driven Sales Recommendations

Automated Store Audits

Real-Time Shelf Metrics with Over 97% Accuracy

Per-Store Level Retail Insights

Proven Efficacy Even in Low Light Conditions

Recommendations For Smarter Assortment Planning

100% Compliance Adherence & Monitoring

Retail Distribution Insights for Both General & Modern Trade

Comprehensive Competitive Intelligence

Exclusive offer for POI Fall Hybrid Summit 2022 attendees!