Global CPG Virtual Leadership Roundtable

Some of the finest minds from across the globe gathered to attend the Virtual CPG Thought Leaders Roundtable by Infilect, a leader in Image Recognition solutions built for CPG brands.

What was it about?

The CPG industry is a dynamic, fiercely competitive, and consumer-centric ecosystem. Furthermore, the sales are affected by multiple factors. The panel touched upon some of the major roadblocks, contributing factors and potential solutions that would shape the future of CPG industry.

How the pandemic affected sales in the U.S

Instant Retail Execution Correction

How to increase per store profitability

Role of technology in retail execution and the future outlook

Importance of driving a perfect retail execution in this day and age

What's the game-changer in the CPG industry & How IR can drive massive sales growth, and control effectiveness and efficiency at scale.

The Panel

The first-ever Asian President, and member of the Global Leadership Council of Procter and Gamble (P&G)

“Online is a factor which is here to stay and will keep growing but it's gonna be a long time before brick and mortar dies. A very long time.”

Sales Director, Glanbia Nutritionals

“When we go back to when the pandemic started, in the March of 2020, what we saw from the consumers was a lot of panic buying, right? So, there was a lot of stock up of household essential items. Anything such as cleaning supplies, hand sanitizers & even OTC medication.”

Managing Partner, Data Sense Inc.

“If we think about this continuum of data that’s been enriched, we’ve literally moved from monthly data on syndicated views to weekly data syndicated views to now daily and often hourly data.”

Key Account Manager, Dulux Nigeria Plc

“FMCG is about consumers making real-time decisions at the point of purchase. And at this point of purchase, there are a lot of competitive brands and a lot of substitutes”

Business Partner, Sales & E-com, Kimberly Clark

“Consumer behavior is changing every day and it is very important to capture this information directly from the shoppers or the consumers and from the stores as well.”

Head, Sales Strategy, Promasidor Nigeria Group

“Revenue is increasing at a higher rate than at which cost is increasing.It is all about how well you can leverage what is available. Like I do say data is not going to solve your problem but data will tell you where exactly the problem is.”

CEO & Co-founder, Infilect Inc.

“One of the key aspects of digital transformation, on why CPG industries should adopt digital transformation is to take advantage of a goldmine of data that they have. But they have to make use of them and derive intelligence out of them in order to make better strategies across several different functions.”

VP of Global Marketing, Infilect Inc, Mrs. India Worldwide Winner and Host for the Roundtable

"CPG Virtual Roundtable – The first of its kind forum to bring together the finest minds in sales, marketing and technology, threaded together to speak, inspire and learn."

The Most Advanced Visual Intelligence Platform

Infilect Inc. builds Image Recognition and Artificial Intelligence solutions purpose-built for FMCG brands, empowers sales and marketing leaders with real-time and accurate on-shelf metrics and in-store retail execution insights to simplify retail decision-making, improve in-store brand visibility and boost per-store sales, at scale. Infilect solutions are fast to set up, priced affordably, built to delight, yet powerful enough to deliver critical business outcomes.

CPG Virtual Roundtable 2022 Highlights

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