Hypermarket Hacks for CPG Brands To Avoid OOS

Proven ways for CPG companies to maintain optimum stock levels on hypermarket shelves. Discover lesser known hypermarket hacks and performance monitoring with Image Recognition.

In the fast-paced space of consumer packaged goods (CPG), maintaining optimum stock levels on hypermarket shelves is crucial for maximizing sales and fostering customer loyalty. Nothing disappoints shoppers more than encountering empty shelves when seeking their favorite products. Out-of-Stock (OOS) situations not only result in lost revenue but can also tarnish a brand's reputation. In this blog, we will explore some ingenious hypermarket hacks and delve into the role of image recognition in addressing OOS challenges effectively.

1. Dynamic Shelf Monitoring:

Embracing the power of image recognition technology, CPG brands can now implement dynamic shelf monitoring systems. These systems utilize cameras mounted discreetly within hypermarket shelves to capture real-time images of products on display. The images are then analyzed by advanced image recognition algorithms, enabling brands to monitor stock levels continually.

Use Case: Image recognition algorithms can automatically detect when a product is running low on the shelf. Real-time notifications are sent to store managers and brand representatives, triggering instant restocking actions.

2. Intelligent Inventory Replenishment:

Traditional inventory replenishment methods often rely on manual stock checks and human intuition, leading to potential inaccuracies and delays. However, with image recognition, CPG brands can implement intelligent inventory replenishment systems.

Use Case: By analyzing images from multiple shelves and stores, image recognition algorithms can predict demand trends accurately. Brands can then optimize inventory levels, ensuring that products are replenished just in time to meet customer demand.

3. Virtual Shelf Auditing:

Conducting regular shelf audits can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Image recognition technology offers a groundbreaking solution by enabling virtual shelf auditing.

Use Case: Brands can leverage image recognition to conduct automated shelf audits, comparing the expected shelf arrangement (based on planograms) with the actual placement. Any deviations can be quickly identified, allowing brands to address potential compliance issues.

4. Product Availability Heatmaps:

Understanding product demand patterns within hypermarkets can be challenging. Image recognition can help create product availability heatmaps, guiding brands on where to allocate their resources more effectively.

Use Case: By analyzing the frequency of OOS instances across various shelves, image recognition can generate heatmaps that identify ''hot spots'' prone to stockouts. Brands can then concentrate their efforts on rectifying these critical areas.

5. Competitive Intelligence:

In hypermarkets, CPG brands often share shelf space with competitors. Image recognition can provide valuable competitive intelligence by monitoring competitor product placements and stock levels.

Use Case: Brands can utilize image recognition to keep track of competitor activities, pricing strategies, and stock movements. Armed with this knowledge, they can formulate effective countermeasures to stay ahead in the market.

Trailblazing the Future

Incorporating image recognition technology into their supply chain and marketing strategies, CPG brands can transform how they tackle OOS challenges in hypermarkets. With dynamic shelf monitoring, intelligent inventory replenishment, virtual shelf auditing, product availability heatmaps, and competitive intelligence, brands can maintain optimal stock levels and enhance customer satisfaction. By harnessing the creativity and technical prowess of image recognition, CPG brands can build a formidable presence on hypermarket shelves, ensuring their products are always within customers' reach.

So, CPG brands, are you ready to embark on a journey of innovation and seamless shelf optimization with image recognition? The future of staying one step ahead of OOS woes lies in the power of your visual intelligence! Write to us at rima@infilect.com to know more about the growth opportunities that lie ahead with Image Recognition in your artillery. 

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