An interactive and invite-only roundtable crafted for Canada’s top business leaders, visionaries, and sharpest minds in the CPG and retail ecosystem. 

Date: 9th March 2023, Time: 3:00 PM to 5 PM EST, To get invited, please email 

Why should you attend?

Infilect hosts interactive roundtable discussion on important topics that impact the retail & CPG industry globally. This invite-only event celebrates some of the best minds in the Canada’s top CPG companies where leaders come together and share powerful ideas, thoughts, and ways forward in technology adoption. The topic to be discussed will be “Latest advances in Retail Execution and the Future of CPG Sales".

With retail shelves getting competitive and straining category management, retail execution is changing and evolving. Leading CPG manufacturers in the USA & Canada are transforming their in-store retail execution through the digitization of store audits, and advanced technologies like Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. Leaders are now better equipped to address retail execution challenges, reduce trade spends and better manage field force audit time and most importantly boost in-store sales. We will soon drop into your city and host more illuminating discussions that can open various parallels in retail execution excellence, digital transformation, and driving overall change in the CPG universe.

Event Hosts 

Vijay Gabale 
Co-founder & CTPO  Infilect Inc.
Peter Townsend 
Executive Advisor, Infilect Inc.

Event Speakers

Alex Alaei

Vice President of Sales and Partnerships

Amir Hoss

Founder & CEO

Chris Rodkin


Ted Salter

Executive Director - Supply Chain

Jon Horsman

Chief Technology Officer

Naina Reid

General Manager

Jeremy Attridge

Director of Customer Insights

Carol Anne Everson

Team Lead, Retail Sales Operations & Food Service

Derrick Neely

National Director, Field Sales & Food Service

Jim Yates

Retail Strategist - Consultant

The CPG industry is a dynamic, fiercely competitive, and consumer-centric ecosystem. Furthermore, store sales are affected by multiple factors. Some of the finest minds in CPG sales and marketing would touch upon the major roadblocks, contributing factors and potential solutions that would shape the future of the CPG industry, latest advances in Retail Execution technologies and the Future of CPG Sales.

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Infilect is the preferred choice of global CPG brands worldwide to provide real-time retail execution insights, digital store audits, planogram compliance, and optimising trade payouts. Infilect is the most advanced visual intelligence platform that drives store profitability at scale and also helps CPG brands save significantly on cost and time.

Empowering and helping customers with Image Recognition AI

Better Control
Automated store audits Vs Manual audits of just a sample
Merchandiser real-time tracking using facial recognition & geo-tagging
Gather evidence of merchandisers' store visits and activity to determine appropriate merchandisers’ pay-outs
Efficiency at scale
70% time saved for merchandiser audit time per store
Merchandisers are equipped with real-time action plans within 60 secs to instantly fix execution issues on-the-spot
25% reduction in sales beat time, hence more stores covered
Effectiveness and Impact
20% Improvement in Share-of-Shelf and On-Shelf Availability of SKUs
40% Improvement in penetration of brands per store
30% saved on multi-million trade marketing budgets
2%-5% lift in per-store sales