Image Recognition

CPM India partners with Infilect Technologies to bolster their field force...

Infilect Technologies joins hands with CPM India as their IR partner and empowers PERFORMiCS their field force and merchandizing solution with InfiViz's Image Recognition AI to help global retail brands optimize their retail execution.

Bangalore, India –1st Nov’2021: CPM International is in the business inspiring and influencing human behaviour. They bring together the power of sales, marketing and customer experience to influence the total customer journey. They are part of the Omnicom group who are an interconnected network of leading marketing communications companies. CPM India, headquartered in New Delhi, provides world-class sales management, field-force management, visibility management and marketing management services that help CPG brands achieve their sales and visibility objectives across various retail formats.

With a team of 8000 covering more than 400+ cities, CPM India has partnered with us to empower their tool PERFORMiCS with InfiViz, an advanced Image Recognition solution to digitize in-store and on-shelf data gathering at scale, optimize retail execution and take on-the-spot actions that improve in-store brand visibility and drive better sales & marketing ROI for all their associated CPG brands.

Infilect Technologies being a leading visual intelligence company, aims to digitally transform retail execution for the Indian FMCG/CPG sector, through in-store digitization, and cutting-edge Image Recognition (IR), and AI technology. For the last 4 years, Infilect has worked with top FMCG, Consumer-Goods, and Packaged food brands across India and worldwide.

“Field force agents & merchandizers are powerful sources of knowledge as they see-it-all-in-action at the stores. CPG brands are now ready to transform their merchandizers and auditors to not just gather in-store data but empower them to act as an integral extension of any retail operations.”, adds Hitesh Kakar, COO at CPM-India.

“With Infilect’s Image Recognition solutions, CPM’s teams at retail can now get instant on-shelf metrics and action plans which directs them to take focused actions that help improve retail execution performance, that ultimately impacts per-store sales for a particular brand. That is going to be truly transformational for our clients to boost their sales performance at stores instantly. Along with Infilect, we aim to bring digital transformation for many of our FMCG customers and drive immense business value by enabling them to always win at the stores shelfs.”, quips Mandeep Singh, MD & CEO at CPM-India.

“This partnership will prove to be most opportune, considering the turmoil CPG industries have faced at the turn of this decade. The pandemic, although challenging, has opened doors for digitization and innovation like never before. Our partnership with CPM India is an exciting milestone as two leaders join forces to offer Indian CPG manufacturers an adept and capable solution with real-time in-store insights and sales-driving action plans made available at the tip of their fingers.” Says Vijay Gabale, Co-founder and CTO at Infilect technologies.

“The whole of Indian retail cohort is at the edge of a big revolution and this time around, it will it be powered by Image Recognition, IoT, and AI Technologies. Real-time and accurate in-store execution insights will empower CPG leaders to gain complete visibility of their retail execution and pro-actively take data-backed decisions. With real-time insights and action plans made available to the on-ground merchandizers and auditors, it will soon become very easy to monitor on-shelf metrics and prevent on-shelf stock-outs & over stocking scenarios. Real-time insights will also help ensure improve Share-of-Shelf metrics for a brand at per store level and entail better penetration of key SKUs in the right stores in the right quantity. Our partnership with CPM will be truly game-changing for their associated FMCG brands!”, adds, Anand Prabhu Subramanian, Co-founder and CEO at Infilect.

We look forward in bringing transformational change to retail execution and hope to forge a strong partnership and an exciting growth phase with CPM in the coming years.