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AI-video analytics enables your store managers to identify and prevent store shrinkages and inventory thefts, as soon as they happen.
With InfiEye AI, you can improve your in-store shopping experience by identifying fast-selling SKUs on retail shelves and monitoring customer behaviors.

Convenience stores and big-box retailers still face the brunt of the COVID 19 pandemic that led to panic buying and housed empty shelves for weeks. Retailers face challenges in addressing stock-outs and delivering a seamless shopping experience to consumers during high shopping seasons. By integrating live surveillance footage with intelligence,  not only provides alerts but also enables one to identify opportunities for improvements in enhancing shopper journeys and store operations.

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InfiEye is an AI-driven image recognition platform that processes live in-store surveillance videos to identify various events taking place on the shop floor. Instantly identify and intervene in shrinkage events as soon as they happen and assist shoppers in a friendly manner.  Empower store managers with retail analytics to optimize and improve daily store operations and increase store productivity.


Marketing and branding teams need to ensure their promotional materials, including images and video ad films, perform effectively to gather maximum consumer attention. InfiArt helps creative design teams to re-evaluate all their multimedia content against best design principles and shopper psychology rules. Get prescriptive recommendations to optimize creatives for high conversions and brand recall.

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How Image Recognition Dan Help Reduce Store Shrinkages in Real time!

A leading chain of home improvement stores witnessed an average of 8 product shrinkages per Self Checkout counter, due to the lack of oversight. The number of products picked from the shelves...