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Identify even densely populated assortments displayed on store shelves across thousands of stores. Get accurate and instant shelf intelligence and store execution analytics along with proactive sales recommendations, promotional compliance and sales insights.

Infilect's image recognition platforms help gain real-time visibility on every SKU present on the shelves at every store be it Modern or General trade. Also, track every display and promotional material for maximum visibility, keep tabs on product pricing, and study customer behavior patterns across stores.

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InfiViz is an image recognition platform that enables you to gain accurate and real-time visibility on critical shelf and execution metrics across stores. Optimize store execution on the go to boost product sales across various categories and control unrecognized retailer payouts through compliance checks. With competitive intelligence, target stores that don't stock your product assortments but consist of similar high-selling competitor products.


InfiArt is a visual recognition platform that pre-evaluates your digital ad creatives against standard design principles and thousands of shopper psychology rules to offer prescriptive recommendations to optimize your multimedia content for maximum Click-Through-Rates. Highly recommended for creative design and branding teams that invest millions in running promotional campaigns across various digital platforms.

Impact of Image Recognition

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Time saved for each
store audit
Coverage of stores
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sales lift
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Millions of $s saved
In retailer payouts
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What our customers say

"With Infilect's Image recognition-based Retail Execution audits, our sales directors and management team get a front-row seat to visually see and control exactly how our products are shelved in every key outlet. This transformation of our retail execution process using deep technology has had a tremendous impact on our sales and marketing strategies and has resulted in a significant lift in sales.”
Channel Development Manager,
Leading Packaged food brand in India
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