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An AI-based evaluation tool to optimize digital multimedia content to gather maximum shopper attention and improve Ad Click-Through-Rates.
InfiArt AI is ideal for creative agencies and brand marketing teams, who spend a significant amount of time and effort analyzing the designs of their digital creatives.

Advertising agencies engage with various retail manufacturers and retailers to assist them in developing and designing promotional digital campaigns. Time is of the essence when it comes to running promotions and campaigns. Hence, Infilect offers branding teams and creative design agencies the power of Image recognition to efficiently use their time and resources. With Infilect's platform, you remove the uncertainties of design, countless analyses and help drive maximum ROI to your customers.

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Marketing and branding teams are required to ensure their promotional multimedia content, including images and video ad films, performs effectively to gather maximum consumer attention. InfiArt helps creative agencies to re-evaluate all their promotional creatives against best design principles and shopper psychology rules. Get instantly prescriptive recommendations to optimize their creatives for impressions and conversions.

Impact of Image Recognition

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Accurate detection of
object elements on any
multimedia content
Time saved in analyzing and reiterating creative designs
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Creatives evaluated
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Increase in overall CTR
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