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Our image recognition solutions enable you to get "eyes" on every SKU present on every shelf, every store, everyday! Optimize your in-store execution to improve your product, promotions and pricing strategies at any given moment.

With Infilect, CPG Brands can gain real-time visibility on product stocking, store compliances, and sales performance across various modern or general trade environments. With new levels of visibility, Infilect empowers Brands to make data-backed decisions that boost in-store sales & promotions to ensure product availability on retail shelves across all stores.

Consumer Packaged Goods

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InfiViz is an image recognition tool that empowers Sales leaders and Branding teams with action-ready store execution insights to make smarter retail decisions. Gain critical insights in real-time, from both Modern and general trade stores, and optimize store execution to boost sales by 2-5% in each store.


InfiArt is an image recognition evaluation platform for all your digital multimedia content. Instantly check for implemented design principles against thousands of shopper psychology rules cost-effectively. Get prescriptive recommendations to improve creatives for maximum shopper attention.

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"Retail Visual Intelligence is a powerful technology to get more data, faster and better, thus sharpening our understand of our company's in-market execution. Simple to use and fast to deploy, InfiViz will help us drive strong growth at scale in multiple markets."
Sales IT Business Partner,
APAC Global leading Personal Care Brand
"We partnered with Infilect and commissioned them to provide a new to the world solution leveraging their advanced image recognition technology. Their can-do attitude and deep technical expertise helped to create a proof of concept in just a month, followed by a great product that is now being implemented across regions”
Senior Manager, APAC Analytics & Insights
Top multinational FMCG Brand
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