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Our image recognition solutions enable you to monitor every item displayed on every shelf in every electronics store. Monitor in-store store conditions, customer interactions through accurate and instant retail analytics.

Consumer electronics stores house a plethora of brands offering the latest gadgets such as mobile devices, personal computers, laptops, and household appliances under one roof. With Infilect, brands can determine their in-store brand presence, track shopper journeys, and monitor various interactions held with the sales representatives.

Recommended Products


InfiViz is an image recognition tool that helps consumer electronics brands to gain in-depth insights on how and where their items are stored for maximum consumer attention inside stores. Optimize product positions and better serve loyal shoppers by enhancing their interaction touchpoints.


InfiEye is an AI-driven image recognition platform that processes live in-store surveillance feeds to identify various events such as shrinkages or product tampering.  Empower your store managers with shopper behavior analytics and increase store productivity.

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