Image Recognition for In-Store Execution for a Top Manufacturer of Packaged Food Brand in India

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Case studies
14 May 2021

How Realtime In-Store Visibility can Boost Per-Store Sales by 4%!

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Improper retail execution means in-store shoppers can't find your products on the shelves.

A top packaged food brand in India had limited or no visibility of how their in-store display and promotional strategies were executed in 15,000 country-wide key outlets. With this sector already burgeoning with increasing product categories, retail sales leaders are challenged to better serve the stores with the right assortment mix in the right quantity to prevent stockouts, improve on-shelf product visibility and capture maximum market share.

Gathering accurate and real time in-time store data, at scale is paramount. But this is easier said than done.  Their current network of merchandisers or field agents audit only a fraction of the stores, thus providing insufficient data. This hinders the capability of taking corrective actions without losing time and opportunity. The burning challenges faced by manufacturers were:


Image Recognition to the rescue!
Accurate and real-time store execution analytics made available to every stakeholder.

With the adoption of InfiViz, an image recognition tool for optimization of in-store execution, the customer could now:

Improved Performance

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sales lift!


Saved in retailer
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accuracy in data
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Increase in stores
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Increased Share of Shelf!

Improved on-shelf SKU visibility across 30,000 stores by providing real time analytics on share of shelf which was not possible with manual auditing.

Easy promotional compliance checks !

Automatic and accurate identification of branding displays and Point of Sale Material even across high frequency general trade stores.

Achieved precision distribution to stores!

By mapping the competitors category mix on store shelves, the customer was able to re-align their distribution strategy based on high-selling SKUs in right quantities to the right stores.