AI-Powered Image Recognition to Reduce Retail Shrinkages at Self-Checkout-Counters!

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27 May 2021

How a top US home improvement brand significantly reduced their store shrinkages occuring at Self Checkout counters!

Customer profile

Brief Snapshot


Self-checkout counters are eliminating the need for manual billing and long queues to improve the shopper experience with faster checkouts at large retail stores.

A leading chain of home improvement stores witnessed an average of 8 product shrinkages per Self Checkout counter, due to the lack of oversight. The number of products picked from the shelves did not match the number of products checked out, thus giving rise to a significant inventory loss that impacted their bottom-line sales and overall store's performance.

The customer wished to detect all products being scanned or miss scanned at their store's self-checkout counters in real-time, and enabling their store staff to intervene in a friendly manner and assist shoppers in faster and safer checkouts.


Infilect proposed to solve this problem using Computer Vision and AI by capturing live in-store video feed to determine unintentional/intentional missed scans such as products left behind in carts or products directly moved into a shopping bag without getting them scanned.  

By using Image Recognition and AI technology, which involves parsing in-store videos obtained from the surveillance camera, InfiEye was able to produce 90% accurate results in identifying shrinkage events and more.

InfiEye AI emulates the role of a human operator who can monitor all video surveillance feeds to identify store products, Shoppers, and scanner movements and instantly flag any items left behind or not scanned. The AI can learn to emulate such visual inspection behavior by learning from a set of labeled or annotated videos that have a mix of regular and shrinkage activities captured from different cameras in different stores.

In an event of shrinkage or thefts, store managers or store staff were alerted through their mobile phones with visual proof of the event, so that they can instantly intervene in a friendly manner and rectify the situation or assist shoppers in checkouts. insights, and competitive intelligence from across all outlets.

The solution is integrated with the existing surveillance and IT network inside stores offering ease of installation at the premises and the capability to ingest various different video streams using secure "on-the-edge" IT infrastructure.

Impact achieved

Mobile touch


accuracy in detection
of shrinkages


sales lift
Mobile touch


sales lift
Mobile touch

Very Low

false alarms to
store staff
Mobile touch

High SKU availability at all times!

Successfully improved their SKU visibility by providing shelf insights to locating a low Share of shelves allocated for every product assortment

sales lift!

With realtime visibility into product stocking and stockouts, the customer achieved 2% -3% sales growth at per-store level

High planogram compliance!

Accurate identification of planogram violations across stores, so as to ensure proper on-shelf position and appropriate no. of SKU facings