Image Recognition for In-Store Execution for a Leading Personal Care Brand in SEA!

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21 May 2021

Preventing On-Shelf Stockouts During the Pandemic!

Customer profile

Brief Snapshot


Empty shelves are every retail manufacturer's nightmare.

The Covid-19 pandemic has left many CPG brands battling empty shelves across the South-Asian sub continent during the Covid 19 pandemic. With multiple statewide lockdowns causing retail supply chain disruptions, the customer was challenged to serve in-store shoppers with their essential products across 500 modern trade outlets in South-East Asia.
With skewed demands and consumers' panic buying, ensuring optimal SKU stock on the retail shelves became the primary objective. But with logistical roadblocks and several social restrictions, understanding how products are being placed on shelves along with how often they stock out was the key.

The challenges addressed were:


With InfiViz's image recognition technology, the manufacturer was able to track their on-shelf SKU availability, measure what SKUs are out of stock and what is selling out faster, and subsequently increase product sales.

With a few images being captured inside the stores by their on-field representative or designated merchandizer, InfiViz AI was able to provide accurate in-store data, in realtime, in order to take necessary actions and be better prepared for surges and dips in demand. The goal was to identify and prevent poorly stocked shelves and also ensure their shoppers, who are in a hurry, discover their products on the shelves easily.

Improved Performance

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accuracy in data


time saved in store audits
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Increase in
store covered
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speed of data
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High SKU availability at all times!

Successfully improved their SKU visibility by providing shelf insights to locating a low Share of shelves allocated for every product assortment

sales lift!

With realtime visibility into product stocking and stockouts, the customer achieved 2% -3% sales growth at per-store level

High planogram compliance!

Accurate identification of planogram violations across stores, so as to ensure proper on-shelf position and appropriate no. of SKU facings