Powerful image recognition AI for perfect retail execution

Instantly improve your on-shelf visibility and store execution performance with the most accurate and real-time action-ready insights.

With Infiviz AI, get retail analytics that answers not only the "what" but the "why" of your sales performance.

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Questions we answer

Sales manager
Sales manager
How can I track the performance of my product distribution and in-store display strategies, at this very moment?
How can I measure the impact of my in-store brand promotions and communications on customers? How can I understand what my competitors are doing?
Brand manager
Brand manager
Category manager
Category manager
How are the SKUs in my product category displayed on shelves to the customers? Are my pricing and promotional strategy driving expected sales?

No visibility means No improvement

lack of visibility on retail shelf

The cost of poor retail execution!

In-store customers can't buy your product if they are out-of-stock or misplaced on the shelf, thus resulting in lost sales
Understocking or overstocking your SKUs can de-rail your supply chain distribution with significant inventory wastages
Misplaced promotional displays or a Point of Sale Materials at stores yield poor marketing ROI

How you gather in-store data today

Retail analytics through manual aduits

Manual audits are conventional and outdated!

Data gathered by your merchandizers are slow and subjective, this impacting your response time to the market
Data gathered is inaccurate and inconsistent, often prone to human error
Your merchandizers spend anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes inside stores gathering data, thus limiting your ability to scale across all outlets


Every retail shelf at your fingertips!

Image recognition for store execution

Super easy ‘Click & Act’
in-store digitization

Simple and quick image capture functionality for your on-field merchandizers who visit hundreds of stores
Industry-leading accuracy in detection of every SKU & POSMs present inside stores
Instant optimization action plans sent to your merchandizers while they are still in the store
Daily, weekly, and monthly execution insights available to Sales leaders, Brand managers, and Category managers on a single dashboard

How it works

InfiViz Shots

Merchandizer app
for easy in-store image capture
Instant in-store image capture using InfiViz Shots, an easy-to-use mobile application built for your existing on-field merchandizers who visit a large number of stores daily.
Instant plan-of-action sent to the agents to fix execution errors and improve on-shelf SKU visibility.
Merchandizer app for clicking in store images
in-store image packshots

InfiViz AI

AI-powered image recognition
AI on Cloud with powerful image recognition algorithms that process thousands of in-store images. Instantly uncover accurate and critical shelf metrics along with retail execution analytics on a single intuitive dashboard.
InfiViz Cloud - AI in retail execution

Action-Ready Insights

Merchandizer app for retail execution

On-The-Spot Optimization

Empowering your on-field merchandizers to do more while they are still at the store!
Fix improper per-store execution such as low Share-of-Shelf and product stock outs
Merchandizers get action plans to improve SKU visibility within minutes of uploading captured images.
Reduce time spent in manual data collection and enable your merchandizers to be more productive and proactive
Retail shelf analytics

Shelf Intelligence

Get accurate and real-time visibility of every SKU placed on every shelf in every store! Track and monitor
SKU and Brand-Level Share of Shelf
SKU assortment & facings
Product placement and positioning
On-shelf-product availability
Overall category overview
Retail competitor analytics

Retail competitive intelligence

Gain visibility on your in-store strategy against your competitor’s strategy
Monitor competitor's promotions such as offers and discounts along with their product distribution and display strategy on shelves in every store
Monitor your competitor's in-store pricing strategy
retail compliance analytics

Monitor in-store compliances

Ensure your trade partners and stores adhere to your set compliances
Ensure proper positioning of your promotional displays & Point-of-Sale Materials inside stores and optimize for maximum shopper visibility
Monitor and fix planogram and in-store display violations
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Value Delivered

Sales lfit
Same stores sales lift
2 - 5%
Retailer payouts
Savings on retailer payouts
Mobile touch
Data accuracy in both Modern & General trade
Mobile touch
10X speed
Of data availability
Mobile touch
Time saved for each store audit
Mobile touch
Increase in stores covered

Unlocking Growth

Pro-active sales recommendations

Daily and weekly action plans sent straight to your team's inbox ready to be implemented at a per-SKU category and per-store level

Precision product distribution

Precise penetration of SKUs by improving SOS of per-segment distribution in a specific store in a given region

Competitive intelligence

With competitor insights tap into a new sales opportunity by penetrating the right product category in the right stores with the right promotions

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What is retail execution software?

Retail execution software helps CPG leaders monitor, manage and optimize their entire retail execution activities, trade marketing and compliances inside a retail store.

What is the role of retail execution software in CPG?

Retail execution software provides critical shelf and execution insights to CPG manufacturers that helps take data-driven decision to optimize their in-store execution and subsequently improve per-store-sales.

How is image recognition or object detection used in retail stores?

The process involved in image recognition-based retail execution software depends on simply taking a few high-quality images of the store shelves and then parsing it through object detection algorithms that decodes every product and converts them into intelligent analytics and insights.

How does artificial intelligence and Image recognition help retailers increase sales?

With in-depth shelf insights available to CPG stakeholders, they can see in real-time how their product display, promotion and pricing strategies perform inside stores. With this visibility, Sales leaders can take data-backed decision to fix their retail execution, improve per-store-sales and identify new sell-opportunities in new and existing stores.

How fast is the store insights provided to the user?

Images are processed in real time (> 90 seconds) with >97% accuracy and the metrics are made available to in-store merchandizers instantly to fix execution on-the-spot. The store insights and analytics are made available to multiple stakeholders along with visual proof of all the captured store images.

Is there a merchandizing app for the field force agent?

Yes. Merchandizers can use a mobile application to take pictures of the shelf based on good photo-taking guidelines. This app also helps in delivering instant analytics and plan of action to the merchandizers while they are inside the store.

How much time does it take to set up an image recognition software across stores?

Infilect first engages with a customer in a pilot-scale as desired to prove the capability of the system and then proceeds to production-scale. The entire setup for production-scale is less then 2 weeks!

Can InfiViz integrate with other SFA apps or your data lake?

Yes. We have our own proprietary dashboard, but we can also customize it to your ERP or data lake.