Image recognition AI to reduce store shrinkages

AI-video analytics enables your store managers to identify and prevent store shrinkages as well as inventory thefts, as soon as they happen.

With InfiEye AI, you can improve your in-store shopping experience by identifying fast-selling SKUs on retail shelves and easily monitor in-store customer behaviors.

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Questions we answer

Store manager
Store manager
How can I ensure that my high-demand products never run out of stock?
How can I keep an eye on available inventory, re-align product distribution to stores and monitor in-store shopper behavior?
Sales manager
retail sales manager
Store staff
Store staff or frontliners
Can I detect product thefts in real-time and prevent miss scans occurring at checkout counters?

How you monitor your stores today?

Impact of retail shrinkages on retail shelfs

Store shrinkages impact your bottom line!

Unpredictable stock outs of in-demand products
Lost sales opportunities due to stockouts and misplaced items on shelves
Shrinkage of inventory due to thefts and missed scans at checkout counters
Poor in-store shopping experience


AI-driven and real time loss prevention!

Reduce retail shrinkage and loss prevention

Without intelligence, your surveillance video is just a souvenir of loss!

InfiEye processes live in-store surveillance feeds to accurately detect and prevent retail shrinkages in realtime
Retail analytics for your store managers to better manage their daily operations.  Track every store performance, improve product sales and monitor people-product interactions


AI-powered store surveillance!

Edge ready icon
Edge Ready
Miniature AI capable of running on your edge devices and existing IT infrastructure inside a store.
Image recognition of retail shrinkage
Scene identification
Precision object recognition & identification of shrinkage events with low false alarms to store staff.
private cloud
Privacy Compliant
Data collected is housed in a secure & private Cloud.
Fast icon
Robust & Scalable
From grocery to home furnishings to fashion retailers, deployment-ready across complex retail environment.

Seamless integration and ready from day one!

How it works

In-store digitization

Integration with your store surveillance system
Integrable with your existing in-store PoE cameras. Place your cameras at points you want to monitor, be it the overhead of checkout counters, countertop, on retail shelves, or at the store's entry and exit points.
Intelligent store surveillance
detect and reduce retail shrinkages through AI

InfiEye AI

Image recognition for in-store shrinkage detection
Image recognition algorithm processes live in-store feeds, frame by frame, to accurately identify every object on the shop floor. Evidence-based alerts are sent to the store staff to intervene in a friendly manner.
AI in retail for image recognition

Action-Ready Insights

Retail store analytics

Accurate retail store analytics

Realtime tracking of overall shrinkages and store performance
Store operation optimization

Optimize Store Operations

Instant optimization alerts sent to store managers to better manage their daily operations
Reduce shrinkages and loss provention

Realtime loss prevention

Instant identification of shrinkage events and delivery of evidence-based alerts to your store staff!
Retail behaviour analytics

Shopper behaviour analytics

Optimize your shop floor by identifying hot and cold spots
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Value Delivered

Same-store sales
Overall sales lift
2- 5%
AI accuracy
Accuracy in identifying shrinkage events  

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What is AI-based video analytics software?

Ai based video analytics uses computer systems and AI algorithms to process various surveillance feeds to identify humans, objects, vehicles, or any other activity, and derive strong easy-to-understand analytics.

What is the role of AI in store surveillance in reducing retail shrinkages?

Retail shrinkages occur anywhere inside a store, from retail shelves to self/manual checkout counters. The role of AI here is process live in-store feeds to identify shrinkage events or thefts as soon as they happen and alert the in-charge staff on their mobile phone, along with evidence.

How does object detection function in a video surveillance?

Infilect’s AI system can identify every SKU from a non-SKU items such as Mobile phones, handbag etc. It can also detect scans and non-scans that occur at the self checkout counters, shopper Vs. staff, human position, and movement and more.

How does AI-based Video surveillance help retailers curb retail shrinkages?

Retailers can identify and curb their store shrinkages and product thefts in real time by using AI-based video analytics. This software can also help store monitor your daily store operations, influx of shipments that enable to better manage inventory.

Can it be integrated with existing video surveillance inside a store?

Yes. The system is plus and play solution that can be integrated with the existing surveillance set up and available CPU infrastructure.

How much time does it take to set up an image recognition software across stores?

The system is capable of working from day one of enablement provided the required CPU infrastructure is available.

Will the processed store data be shared with anyone?

We are 100% privacy compliant, and all in-store data will be under your jurisdiction and no data will be shared with anyone.

Will heavy video processing utilize the entire network bandwidth?

The system is built to be more bandwidth aware and will not interfere or utilize large bandwidth. While live store feed parsing is done continuously, deriving analytics and insights are undertaken during lean times.