Image recognition AI for digital multimedia optimization

An AI-based evaluation tool that optimizes your digital multimedia content to gather maximum shopper attention and improve Ad Click-Through-Rates.

InfiArt AI is ideal for creative agencies and brand marketing teams, who spend a significant amount of time and effort in analyzing the designs of their digital creatives.

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Questions we answer

Creative teams
Branding agency
How can I ensure my designs comply with the brand guidelines all the time?
How can I reduce the time and effort to analyze and reiterate my multimedia creatives before launching my campaign?
Marketing manager
Retail marketing teams
Brand manager
Retail branding teams
How can I drive our unique brand communications to my consumers more effectively?

Consumer attention is getting expensive

Retail stakeholder meetings

The cost of poorly designed creative!

Manual analysis of creatives is a slow, subjective, and time-consuming process
Significant wastage of your marketing budget in countless iterations of designs
Your ad campaigns perform at a sub-par level
Ineffective communication and poor brand-recall among shoppers


Build designs that proven to convert.

maximum shopper attention on creatives

AI-Driven “pre-check” tool to evaluate all your digital creatives!

InfiArt provides instant, accurate, contextual feedback on every marketing material by analyzing them on proven shopper psychology principles
Built for creative design teams to transform poorly designed creatives to boost Ad impressions Click-Through-Rates without undergoing multiple iterations


Optimize any type of multimedia content!

Retail digital ad creatives

Digital Creatives

Optimize your digital ad creatives for maximum shopper attention and conversions
Social media ad creatives

Social Media

Analyze contextual creatives being shared on social media channels to gather maximum user attention and drive engagement
Online store image


Qualitatively measure how enticing your product images or promotional banners are to ensure swift checkouts
Video ad film


Instantly analyze your video ad clips, frame-by-frame for maximum impressions

How it works

Step 1

Input one or many multimedia creatives
The AI tool Ingests multimedia formats you want to evaluate, from images to video ad films designed in-context to any digital platform.
Digital creatives like images and video ad films
Image recognition to analyze creatives

Step 2

InfiArt AI Platform
Image recognition algorithm combined with shopper psychology principles evaluates multiple creatives on various design parameters & branding rules including brand logo, color palette & contrast, product and object placement, text message, and more.

Step 3

Accurate and instant insights
Provides recommendations based on shopper attention scoring and heat maps to improve your creative designs.
infiart dashboard

Proactive Insights

Maximum shopper attention on facebook creative

Design creatives that gather maximum shopper attention

Measure if your digital creatives will attract  high impressions and Click-Through-Rates
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Shopper attention heatmaps

Design attractive creatives for
e-commerce platforms

Qualitatively measure how enticing your product images are to ensure swift checkouts
heatmaps on video ads

Ensure your video ads gather maximum impressions

Accurately analyze all your video ad clips if they adhere to best design practices

Value Delivered

Click through rates
Lift in Click-Through-Rates
Global presence
Deployed across APAC & EU for a global CPG brand
Creatives evaluated
3000 +
Creatives evaluated every month