Infilect Onboards Tony Pillay, Former Senior Global Director: Technology Business Partnering & Innovation at Unilever, as their Key Advisor and Mentor

Published on 7-10-2021, Bangalore,India

Tony Pillay will be partnering with Infilect to play a key role in driving growth and global expansion plans and give a boost to their GTM strategy to bring the power of visual intelligence SaaS platform to CPG manufacturers across Africa.

Infilect Technologies Pvt. Ltd. extends a warm and hearty welcome to Tony Pillay who will play a key role in driving growth and expansion across the Africa, APAC and other global marketplaces.

Tony has had a remarkable journey throughout his illustrious career, where he has championed various global leadership roles such as Head of IT businesses for the Middle East, Turkey, and African regions.He has also headed global retail supply chain operations in procurement and strategic digital transformation for Unilever, a British multinational CPG brand that generates a massive and enviable revenue of $50 billion per year. He has lived and worked across the world, spending the last 8 years in Singapore and has a deep knowledge on how to drive successful global GTM strategies. He has also been a key pillar in setting up multi-region IT businesses alongside leading IT services organizations such as Mindtree, IBM, Accenture and Infosys.

"South Africa along with countries like Egypt, Nigeria, and Kenya is a bedrock of humongous retail economy of $100 Billion consisting of large CPG manufacturers and Retailers. Being one of the fastest-growing economies, Africa is a segway for large-scale consumerism, making it an exciting space for retail tech companies to expand and drive immense value for retail businesses," says Tony.

With the turn of the decade, the pandemic has brought unforeseen challenges to the retail sector. But, with new challenges, come new opportunities to pivot, innovate and stay ahead. Global retail leaders are now adopting innovative and advanced technology platforms at an accelerated pace to supplement their retail operations & businesses to serve the consumers metamorphosed out of this new normal.

"There has never been a better time for manufacturers to adopt Automation, AI, and Image Recognition solutions that help them be more efficient, more agile, and consciously sustainable. I firmly believe that Infilect has a fantastic AI platform that has achieved massive scale and is time-tested.", says Tony. "Technology transformation today should not just focus on delivering efficiency, but also empower every lever of the retail supply chain workforce; say from front-liners or traveling salesman to store owners or the logistics managers."

"We are excited to partner with Tony who comes with rich experience and infectious dynamism that will prove to be turnkey for Infilect in coming years. Africa and APAC markets will be an exciting new chapter to explore and bring unparalleled value creation to the booming retail economy. We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership and extend a hearty welcome from the team! " quips Anand Prabhu Subramanian, Co-Founder & CEO at Infilect technologies.

"Our first tête-à-tête with Tony goes back a few years when he was exploring to help novel Deep Tech companies born out of India to take on the global stage. We are honored at the faith Tony has shown in us and excited at the possibilities he can bring to help transform InfiViz as a category leader in optimizing in-store retail execution at scale and carve a unique product position as a sales recommendation and growth platform for CPG brands. With his deep experience in leading global IT businesses for Unilever combined with passion for innovative AI-retail platforms, we look forward to an exciting growth within upcoming global markets.", shares Vijay Gabale, Co-Founder & CTO at Infilect technologies who also leads key strategic partnerships and investments.

Tony has a big vision to transform Infilect into a global leader in providing Image Recognition and AI platforms for leading Consumer-Packaged Goods manufacturers and bring a much-needed transformation to retail sales. He currently lives in Johannesburg, South Africa and enjoys a myriad of outdoor activities like cycling, mountain biking and Golf.

We extend a warm welcome to Tony again and are looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership and phenomenal growth phase.