Re-imagining the retail stores of tomorrow!

Infilect started with an ambitious dream to create a meaningful impact on every individual across the world. Retail is a common human touchpoint and a driver of the worldwide economy. Modern technology will fuel the future of the retail industry like we never imagined before.

With the combination of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision technology in retail, Infilect brings world-class AI platforms that provide truth at your fingertips at the serendipity of when your products meet your consumers inside stores.
Founder - Anand Prabhu Subramanian
At Infilect we want to empower worldwide retail through intelligent and accelerated decision-making with environmental sustainability.
With our roots in technology and artificial intelligence, Infilect aspires to continuously improve Retail decision-making at scale.
Anand Prabhu Subramanian
Co-founder & CEO
Infilect founder vijay gabale
Infilect optimizes decision-making that creates a positive impact on every aspect of every retail store in the worldwide retail industry.
Infilect is a pioneer in visual data intelligence and innovates to build intelligent AI systems to empower retail decision-makers so that they can do more with their time and capital.
Vijay Gabale
Co-founder, CTO & CPO
infilect founder vijay kannan
The large-scale net positive and global economic impact is the guiding principle of Infilect's mission.
The retail sector impacts millions of businesses and billions of consumers every single day. By building a world-class Artificial Intelligence system that solves myriads of retail supply chain problems.
Vijay Kannan
Mentor and advisor
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